Happy Holidays from Your Fave GL Creators!

2019 was one awesome year for the Yuri fandom. What better way to add in more love into the yuletide season but by seeing our favorite GL series celebrating the holidays, getting ready for the new year.

This year we have spotted  a few of our GL content creators posting Christmas art related to their works and here they are.

What Does The Fox Say creator Team Gaji posted a Christmas art of both Sungji and Sumin together. Sumin is wearing a Santa outfit as she was lifted by Sungji wearing a Reindeer costume.


Also, the webtoon (which is published in Korean on Kakaopage) has recently ended. You can read the series officially in English on Tappytoon in both SFW and NSFW versions.

Thai GL manga and webtoon artist Ratana Satis posted a Christmas art in her official Facebook page. Featuring the main characters from hit GL works PulseLily Love, and Lily Love 2 – Frosty Jewel


The artist has recently teased art and characters of her upcoming GL series Soul Drifters.  Speaking of Pulse, you can preorder the 6th volume right now

Artist Darunni has also posted a Christmas on her official Facebook page featuring our two lovely girls from She’s A Keeper. 


She also has another ongoing webtoon series titled BABE! which you can read on WEBTOONShe’s A Keeper can be read on Webcomics.

Tan Jiu, creator of the popular Their Story / SQ Begin with Your Name series also posted a Christmas update on their Weibo page. Also, let’s not forget that December 25 is also Sun Jing’s birthday!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope your holidays have been great and may your 2020 be awesome.

‘What Does The Fox Say’ to End Its Service in Lezhin Comics on December 31

Alggumba, one of the creators of the popular GL webcomic series What Does The Fox Say announced on Twitter that the webcomic will be ending its service effective on December 31.


Those who have purchased the chapters on Lezhin Comics and want to reread the series will still be able to do so by going to the ‘My Library’ page in the site. The creator will be providing more info soon to whether the webcomic will make its return in the future.

About What Does The Fox Say

What Does The Fox Say is a story of the intense love triangle of Sung Sumin, Ju Sungji, and Baek Seju. Sung Sumin is a Team Leader of Hello Studio, a company run by Baek Seju, her ex-girlfriend. Everything seemed to turn around for Sumin when the new recruit Ju Sungji came into the picture. You may read the series in Lezhin Comics.

Source: alggumba (Twitter)


Translation credits: Meow-chan

Team Gaji and ‘What Does The Fox Say’ got me to love Taeyeon, Girls’ Generation, and K-Pop

Long time, no post. As this article is published, I bought my VIP standing ticket to watch Taeyeon’s “S…” Concert in Manila on December 14. It has broke ticket-selling records in the country as tickets were immediately sold out in 5 minutes.

So it has been a year since What Does The Fox Say ended. Sadly, its side-story sequel Paradise is still cancelled and there seem to be no word to when it will be back on the popular webtoon platform Lezhin Comics. Now you may ask why am I mentioning the popular webtoon in this post? Well believe it or not, What Does The Fox Say  and its creator Team Gaji (and Alggumba) got me to love the following: Girls Generation (SNSD), Taeyeon (the group’s leader), and K-Pop in general. 2016 was quite something for me because this was the same year that I got in these things all at once.

Alright people you would probably be having question marks on the top of your heads to why this one specific webtoon got me to love K-Pop. Here is the story:

Previously, I was a moderator of a Facebook group dedicated to this webtoon. One of the things that puzzled me was this thing that some yuri fans usually post pictures of the members of Girls’ Generation and compare them to the What Does The Fox Say characters Sumin, Sungji, and Seju. While some seemed to not really super accurate, one stood out and that was the group’s leader, Kim Taeyeon. I admit she does show some similarities with Sumin. Fans have been creating theories that Sumin was based from her and that the creators of the webtoon were SONES.

Years ago, Lezhin Comics also confirmed this fan theory too. (Note that the screenshot was posted before in Lezhin Comics’ Facebook page but was removed later on).



Other theories from fans claim that the whole What Does The Fox Say story is a fanfiction of TaengSic (Taeyeon x Jessica shipping). Before of the hype and success of the webtoon, Team Gaji created art and a small fan comic of Taeyeon and Jessica. Some however claim that WDTFS could be a TaeNy (Taeyeon x Tiffany) fanfiction but I’ll leave it to you guys.


Although all of this isn’t really like super confirmed, all this fan theories dragged me to a fandom that I’m not too familiar with which is K-Pop. My curiously lead me to listen to some songs of Girls’ Generation (as well as Taeyeon’s singles) and my love and appreciation for the Team Leader grew. If it weren’t for WDTFS, I wouldn’t have known this awesome group and wouldn’t go through heaven and hell just to see Taeyeon live. No regrets.  Also I want to give credit to my online friends (some of them I have already met personally) because they put into the right path of the fandom. I have witnessed a lot of drama and popcorn moments so I don’t really want to go there.

I can’t wait to see Queen Taeyeon next month. Aside from me, thousands of fans are really looking forward to see her in the flesh and serenade us with her powerful angelic voice. To those who are going, hope to see you there at the New Frontier Theater! I’ll be at VIP standing ;).

About What Does The Fox Say

What Does The Fox Say is a story of the intense love triangle of Sung Sumin, Ju Sungji, and Baek Seju. Sung Sumin is a Team Leader of Hello Studio, a company run by Baek Seju, her ex-girlfriend. Everything seemed to turn around for Sumin when the new recruit Ju Sungji came into the picture. You may read the series in Lezhin Comics.

Sources: Happy Sy (Twitter), koalahug97 (Twitter), Ticketnet, Love-Mega-Evolution (Tumblr)


New GL Project by Team Gaji to Release on May 22!

What Does The Fox Say artist gaji0712 (Team Gaji)  announced in their Twitter account on Tuesday that their new GL project translated as “Pet’s Aesthetics” is slated to debut on the Korean webtoon platform BOMTOON on May 22. The tweet also mentioned that the releases will be every Tuesday. 

Their first announcement regarding this new project was supposed to be slated for April. Below is some preview images from their tweet:

About ‘What Does The Fox Say’

What Does The Fox Say characters from left to right: Ju Sungji, Sung Sumin, Baek Seju

Team Gaji rose to popularity due to their GL webtoon hit What Does The Fox Say which can be read in the premium webtoon platform Lezhin Comics. The original series ended in September 2017 which was then proceeded to a side-story series centered on Baek Seju titled Paradise. It also was awarded Best GL series in Lezhin Comics.

What Does The Fox Say centers on the intense love triangle between Sungji, Sumin, and Seju. Paradise is side story chapters which are a flashback between Seju and Sumin’s relationship.

The artist team officially announced its cancellation on the webtoon platform last February and this was a massive shock to its fanbase. They are hoping to continue the story once the contract with Lezhin Comics has expired.

About Bomtoon

BOMTOON (also known as BOM Comics) is a Korean webtoon service established in 2015 publishing webtoon series and serializing digital Japanese manga under the genres of BL, GL, Comedy, Romance, drama, and more.

They recently announced of a webtoon competition centered on BL and GL stories.

We can’t wait for release of this series. Let’s hope the stories will have the same intensity as WDTFS. Finally, something to look forward to every Tuesday!

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BOMTOON Officially Opens Webtoon Competition for GL and BL Genres!

The Korean webtoon platform BOMTOON announced on Wednesday the official start of its webtoon competition from March 21 until June 20. This competition is centered for both the GL and BL categories.

The winner of this competition will be receive 10,000 USD with the runner-up getting 5,000 USD. 5 finalists will also receive 1,000 USD each. All the winners will also have an official serialization with Bomtoon. Names will be revealed on August 20th.

Entering the Competition:

According to the website, here are some things to take note upon entering the competition:

1. Must submit at least 2 completed full episodes with the competition entry form. You must also provide a synopsis of your story.

The webcomic must have at least 70 cuts per episode, scroll, with a width of 1440px. They must be saved on JPG format.

2.  Upon submitting, it must be placed in a zip file in this format: ‘TitleName_Nickname_Realname.zip’. Send your contest entry to partner@bomtoon.com

Interested applicants may download the competition form here. Please note that the platform is in the Korean language.

Conditions in Entering the Competition

1. There is no age limit or requirement in entering the competition.
2. The competition is for entries under the BL and GL genres.
3. Your entry has to be a long series (At least 30 episodes planned)
4. There is no limit in age range (Can be both all ages and Adult only)
5. Deadline is on June 21st, 9:00PM Korean Standard Time


1. Bomtoon will send you an email of acceptance the day after you send it in.
2 Only original work that you own and is yours is allowed.
3. If you are doing a collab (e.g. with a writer, inker, co-artist, and the related) you must have an equal agreement upon entering.
4.  You can only submit works that aren’t already published online or into a book.
5. Even if you submitted your work on other competitions, you can submit to this one as well.
6.  You can submit more than one entry into the competition, but there is only 1 winner for the top prize.
7. Works that are deemed breaching copyright or laws will be ignored.
8. The winners of the competition must start serializing the series in Bomtoon, and if you serialize it in another company, your prize money will be void.
9. Even if you win the prize to serialize, if your work is deemed not following the competition rules after serialization, BOMTOON has the right to void your prize money.
10. Deadline and announcement day may change without prior notice.

About the Webtoon Service

BOMTOON (also known as BOM Comics) is a Korean webtoon service established in 2015 publishing webtoon series and serializing digital Japanese manga under the genres of BL, GL, Comedy, Romance, drama, and more.

GL fans recently had their eyes on this platform after What Does The Fox Say artist Team Gaji announced their upcoming work (roughly translate as “Pet Aesthetics”) to be published in the website starting in April.

Note: Translation credits to Meow-chan.

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Visual Novel Review: Lucy ~The Eternity She Wish For~

Warning: Minor Spoilers ahead

This is the first time in a long time that I have written any game reviews and what a great way to start it is to discuss about this visual novel titled Lucy ~The Eternity She Wish For~. Developed by M-Vizlab, the game was released on Steam in 2016. I was able to play the game today and I have to say this was really something.

What You Need to Know

To start off, you play the role of an ordinary high school boy set in a period where humans and robots co-exist together.. sort. One day, you stumble upon a beautiful android in a dumpster and decided to take it home. You found out that the android’s name is Lucy (full name: Lucy Valentine). As days pass, you began to realize that Lucy is not just an ordinary robot. She imitates the emotions and responses of human making her very real.


I have to be very honest with you that the last visual novel that I’ve ever played and finished ever were the Sonohanabira series of yuri visual novel games and that was it– to add to that, I played like years ago. This game had a lot of firsts for me. It was good from the start though there were slight slowdowns in  between the story. As you almost reach the end, I had that sort of Adrenaline rush especially during the climax part. I thought visual novels don’t really give you much of an impact since all you have to is like spam your left mouse or enter botton. This game kind of changed my views on visual novels and I never knew it would be this great.

The characters were great, the backgrounds, music, and sound effects were in sync depending on the scenario. What made this unique for me is that Lucy was speaking in Korean while I was going through it. I found out later that you have the option to change the voice to Japanese but I prefer it as is. I think it was more fitting.

In Case of Feels, Prepare Your Hankies

As I mentioned, the climax and near ending of this game were so intense. Just when I thought that that was it, the game lead me to a “story bridge” which take you to the real ending. It was in this part that I shed tears. Couldn’t help it– the conversations and narrations of the characters were just so good that you end up getting your heart tugged by their words and emotions.

Final Verdict

As much as I want to discuss more about this game, I don’t want to send in more spoilers. All I can say that this is one visual novel that should be on every otaku’s Steam library. I am not really fond of going through visual novels much but Lucy ~The Eternity She Wish For~ changed all that. If you are looking for a good VN with a good story (and an amount of feels), this game is for you.

As I writing this review, I haven’t fully unlocked the achievements and some extras. Regardless, this game deserves my high respects and I hope people who will get to read this review would give it a try.

Story: 9/10 
Characters: 8/10
Backgrounds/Scenarios/Sounds/Music- 9/10


**Screenshots are taken from my Steam Screenshot library
**Thank you ChrissyKitty for introducing this game to me. 🙂 

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