[One Shot] Coffee and Silence With You.

Note: This has been in my notes for quite some time and just wanted to put this story out there. Unfortunately, I am not even sure if there will be a continuation of this. But if you enjoyed this as is, then great!

This is a fictional story of course. Enjoy the sweetness, I guess.

Language: English/Tagalog

Summary: R receives a call from L and was requested to have coffee together with her. After a couple of weeks of no communication, this was the first time in a long time that they finally had the chance to talk heart to heart after the multiple election sorties they had to deal with.

Upon arrival at the place where L was temporary staying, R couldn’t help but jokingly made a comment of her request to visit.

“This is probably the first time that someone would invite me over to have coffee in an ungodly hour.” She uttered when she arrived in the garden where R was sitting and waiting for her.

L took out her phone and chuckled upon checking the time. 3 am.

“Sorry.” L apologized, “I lost track of time. Akala ko 11pm pa.”

Gaga ka talaga ano?” R jokingly ask while crossing her arms facing L.

“Always have been. When I am with you.” L smiled.

Although it was still dark out in the garden, L can see and feel R flushing in front of her.

“Why don’t you have a seat beside me, R?” L requested,

Before R could say anything, she took a deep breath as she realized that this is the first time in a long time the she would sit beside L. They have been to many places together in the campaign that started weeks ago, but they never had this moment together for a while. Alone. In silence.

Although both of them do not admit it out loud, they missed it each other. They long for each other’s attention. But their duty and commitment to the public came first and almost they don’t have time for their families—and worse, each other.

Even if they try to recall, their special bond…just happened. No fancy words, no fancy dinners, or whatever. They knew there was more to this. But it was hard to express.

L knew that she had to tell R somehow. But she’s hesitant. She is torn if she should prioritize her emotions, her feelings, or just dedicate more of her life to what she has now—the passion to serve the country and her daughters.

She could just say it out loud to her now. But the moment was perfect. Everything was silent. It was one moment when there were no loud noises that they commonly hear whenever they are around. She wants to savor this peace even just once.

May sasabihin ka sa kin?” R asked as she finally occupied the close seat next to L.

“Wala.” L replied.

“So you just called me to have coffee with you and that’s it?”

Di ba you wanted to be with me?”

R paused with that question. She let out a smile. She couldn’t help it. “Ang weird mo.”  She chuckled.

Then R’s world stood still when she felt a weight on the left side her of her shoulder. Although they both wouldn’t admitted out loud, in a world where people will never understand them, this moment was all they needed right now. Together. Alone.

Ang weird mo.” R repeated the previous line again.

Alam ko. Tulog muna ako dito.” L rested on R’s shoulder. R also leaned on L’s resting head.

L sleepily pointed the coffee mug placed on the table. “Sa yo yan ha?

Mamaya na.” R softly replied to her precious person. “Tulog na din muna ako dito.

R then reached for L’s hand as the other girl slowly closed her eyes.

The world was silent. That was all that mattered. The coffee mug remained untouched until the pink morning sky rose that day.