The Korean webtoon platform BOMTOON announced on Wednesday the official start of its webtoon competition from March 21 until June 20. This competition is centered for both the GL and BL categories.

The winner of this competition will be receive 10,000 USD with the runner-up getting 5,000 USD. 5 finalists will also receive 1,000 USD each. All the winners will also have an official serialization with Bomtoon. Names will be revealed on August 20th.

Entering the Competition:

According to the website, here are some things to take note upon entering the competition:

1. Must submit at least 2 completed full episodes with the competition entry form. You must also provide a synopsis of your story.

The webcomic must have at least 70 cuts per episode, scroll, with a width of 1440px. They must be saved on JPG format.

2.  Upon submitting, it must be placed in a zip file in this format: ‘’. Send your contest entry to

Interested applicants may download the competition form here. Please note that the platform is in the Korean language.

Conditions in Entering the Competition

1. There is no age limit or requirement in entering the competition.
2. The competition is for entries under the BL and GL genres.
3. Your entry has to be a long series (At least 30 episodes planned)
4. There is no limit in age range (Can be both all ages and Adult only)
5. Deadline is on June 21st, 9:00PM Korean Standard Time


1. Bomtoon will send you an email of acceptance the day after you send it in.
2 Only original work that you own and is yours is allowed.
3. If you are doing a collab (e.g. with a writer, inker, co-artist, and the related) you must have an equal agreement upon entering.
4.  You can only submit works that aren’t already published online or into a book.
5. Even if you submitted your work on other competitions, you can submit to this one as well.
6.  You can submit more than one entry into the competition, but there is only 1 winner for the top prize.
7. Works that are deemed breaching copyright or laws will be ignored.
8. The winners of the competition must start serializing the series in Bomtoon, and if you serialize it in another company, your prize money will be void.
9. Even if you win the prize to serialize, if your work is deemed not following the competition rules after serialization, BOMTOON has the right to void your prize money.
10. Deadline and announcement day may change without prior notice.

About the Webtoon Service

BOMTOON (also known as BOM Comics) is a Korean webtoon service established in 2015 publishing webtoon series and serializing digital Japanese manga under the genres of BL, GL, Comedy, Romance, drama, and more.

GL fans recently had their eyes on this platform after What Does The Fox Say artist Team Gaji announced their upcoming work (roughly translate as “Pet Aesthetics”) to be published in the website starting in April.

Note: Translation credits to Meow-chan.

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