I do admit though that it is also passion that made me do the wrong choices, say the wrong words, and ended with a lot of regrets.

From Mamoru Hosoda’s BELLE

Let’s talk about passion. When you hit up its definition, it is defined as a strong and barely controllable emotion.

Who would’ve thought that my passion for a certain genre and the desire to write about it has led me to make this blog has been running and part of my life for years?

When I announced my departure from the FB platform a while back, there were some comments left by people who I have been online friends over the years or might have known due to the FB groups that I used to be active in years back.  As much as that was how The Lily Cat got so much attention from fans, I admit I have slowly grown sick of the platform. Part of it is due to bad experiences from some people who are on this platform and it is just that I have reached that point in my life that the platform has been too much for me.

I totally forgot when was the last time I was so active interacting with FB groups lately. I think the last one was like 2019 when I did a semi-hiatus in community stuff. I will be honest that I wanted to put that part of my life left in the past. It was fun while it lasted, but I think it’s about time that I would focus on the things that make me happy at my own pace and in my own time. I would still be with the communities I cherish, but I need to prioritize my passions from now on.

I do admit though that it is also passion that made me do the wrong choices, say the wrong words, and ended with a lot of regrets. Sometimes I think that I should have done better or I should have said things better. I wasn’t the best person ever. I try to be. I go no longer mend that permanent emotional scar when I ended up being used, abused, and worse being left out for someone better.

Life is crazy sometimes. I seriously wanted to let go of being that Serena who is so vocal and passionate about the things she loves, as well as be that echo chamber for people who cannot express it. But, after so much thinking, maybe I am not that person anymore. I wasn’t aware that this energy and effort that put me in the first place has slowly pulled me back into a darkness that I never wanted to be in anymore. I am tired of being in this endless cycle of self-hatred when almost I have no love to give for myself.

So, what am I trying to say here?

It is okay to do things you love and share them with others. However, do not give so much love and trust to these people immediately. Just because they jive with you, just because they are friendly with you, you never know what their full intentions are. These kinds of people are one of the primary reasons why I had to step back for a while. I lost a huge part of myself that I am slowly patching up things and make-up for what I missed.

So here we are. It is passion that brought this little blog back and pretty much all of my thoughts on Yuri and my other fandoms will probably just be here. There are a lot of things to catch up on—and I can’t wait to share them all with you.

Take care of yourself. Make that passion of something you cherish the most be that flame that would keep you going. It doesn’t matter if that light is weak, it will grow. As each day goes by, you would realize how far you’ve become and you might inspire and light up people’s lamps along the way too.

Thank you for still dropping by. I may not be the best content creator, reviewer, or critic, but I am just happy to share all these things—news, reviews, updates, and thoughts with you.

Keep that flame burning. Keep that passion growing. You matter.

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By Serena