After a few months of absolutely nothing but cobwebs, I am back! Just barely. I am just fixing some stuff here and there to make sure the relaunch for this site is a great one. 

I don’t want to get this into a long wall of text, but a lot of things have been happening with my personal life which has drained me emotionally, mentally, and financially. I have promised that the site will have regular updates sometime a few months ago, but due to some family-related problems, those pushed back. 

I am still struggling from the recent hardship but hey, we come back stronger. I am not sure if I don’t have the funds to keep the site afloat until the end of the month so any amount of support is greatly appreciated. I only need around 18 USD this month. It’s the hosting that I pay monthly. 

What Happens Next? 

Well, as promised there’s some content going up in a couple of weeks. I have to rewrite a lot of them to edit the timeframes and update some info. But a few yuri reviews will be in here as well some feature articles that I have in mind of quite a while. Officially, the non-yuri stuff will be transferred over to Zenbu. The site is just an extension of this one so if you’re looking for my non-yuri anime, manga, and video game reviews, Zenbu would be the place to go. 

So I guess that is all I can share for now. The site might go offline soon to make way for the major changes but I do appreciate yuri fans visiting the site from time to time. With the relaunch, I will do the best I can to provide the yuri and latest fandom news and reviews to you. Thank you so much. It means a lot. See you soon. 

By Serena