A storm of mixed opinions was raised on Monday when the official Twitter account of SunnyCon Anime Expo announced that they will not allow attendees who wear ahegao clothing in their upcoming convention next year.

Ahegao is an exaggerated facial expression during sex, mostly common in Japanese hentai manga and related media. The said expression recently became popular in otaku and weeab fashion, and it has reached to the point that it has been a trending kind of clothing you’ll see in anime and cosplay conventions. Some even have the nerve to even wear them in public during non-convention days like in school or even going to the mall.

The reason for this is due to they are “an all-age convention.” Official rules of SunnyCon Anime Expo is expected to be posted this week as the organizers are still updating the website.

SunnyCon Anime Expo is an anime, cosplay, and hobby convention established in 2010. The next one will be happening on June 26 to 28 at St James Park, United Kingdom.

Source: SunnyAnimeExpo (Twitter), SunnyCon Anime Expo Website

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