Event Report – Otakufest 2020 CEBU Day 1

Otakufest 2020 Stage featuring The Lily Cat logo on the LED

Otakufest is one of Cebu City’s popular anime, cosplay, and hobby conventions. It is also the first highlight event to kickstart the various upcoming cosplay and anime events in the city.

The popularity of Otakufest has grown over the years. Now on its 13th year, cosplayers and attendees coming from different parts of the country travel to the Queen City of the South just to attend the weekend. I am one of those people and I have to say, day one of Otakufest was awesome!

The venue for this year’s Otakufest is still the same as last year, which is at SM Seaside Cebu. The final venue was announced just a few days before the convention weekend due to some factors as mentioned in their FAQ here. Regardless, the organizers have Otakufest still put a great show offering some cool mini-events and contest that everyone can enjoy.

After realizing it, this is the first cosplay convention that I have attended this year and indeed it was a good kickoff.

While going through the entrance area of the official event venue (which is the Maze garden), me and my fellow media partner Gary Montejo first went to another side of the mall to cover the meet and greet of International guest cosplayers DD Tenka and Hikarin. As per instruction by the Otakufest organizers, we were not allowed to take videos of the Q and A portion. However, we took pics of how it went. Prints and merch of the guests were also available on sale. Those who got the meet-and-greet package will be able to get their prints signed and half a photo-op. This is also the time when I have finally met with Jay Agonoy of keepsakes. Almost for the rest of the day, I tagged along with both Gary and Jay taking pictures of what is happening on the epic first day. Here are some of my favorite photos.

The rest of the day I have met up and passed by some known cosplayers like GICOF 2019 winner Sergio Sta. Ana, saw the WCS PH 2019 Reps Team Class S, WCS PH 2017 Rep Pirate Ellie, Sean Price, and King Rusydi (who had cosplay crafting workshop). I had a roundtable podcast discussion with Jay and Max of UNITY Productions on the discussion of an Esports Curriculum in the Philippines. And yes, I will not forget meeting again idol group PASTEL MIX. I bought their awesome lightstick!

I ended my day with the team eating at Chowking. Coincidently, we sat on the same area in which we had our first hangout together in Otakufest 2019.

There is still more stuff to share but I would like to let people know that it was all positive. Otakufest 2020 Day 1 was awesome and I am looking forward to what’s going to happen on Day 2 as the Central Visayas Qualifiers of the World Cosplay Summit Philippines will be held.

Congratulations to Otakufest and let’s keep the fun going on Day 2!

The Lily Cat is one of the official Media Partners of Otakufest 2020.


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Anime Convention to Ban Attendees Wearing ‘Ahegao’ Hoodies and Shirts

A storm of mixed opinions was raised on Monday when the official Twitter account of SunnyCon Anime Expo announced that they will not allow attendees who wear ahegao clothing in their upcoming convention next year.

Ahegao is an exaggerated facial expression during sex, mostly common in Japanese hentai manga and related media. The said expression recently became popular in otaku and weeab fashion, and it has reached to the point that it has been a trending kind of clothing you’ll see in anime and cosplay conventions. Some even have the nerve to even wear them in public during non-convention days like in school or even going to the mall.

The reason for this is due to they are “an all-age convention.” Official rules of SunnyCon Anime Expo is expected to be posted this week as the organizers are still updating the website.

SunnyCon Anime Expo is an anime, cosplay, and hobby convention established in 2010. The next one will be happening on June 26 to 28 at St James Park, United Kingdom.

Source: SunnyAnimeExpo (Twitter), SunnyCon Anime Expo Website

ARCHcon Cebu 2019 is the Coolest Event for Gamers, Geeks, and Anime Fans in Cebu City!

This weekend in Cebu City is going to be a blast as ARCHcon Cebu will be happening for two days filled with competitions, exhibits, cosplay, video games, and so much more. The said 2-day convention will be happening on November 16 and 17 at the JCentre Convention Hall.

ARCHcon is the oldest and biggest hobby event in Cebu City that started in 2004. What also made this convention stand out from the rest is that is a convention for a cause.

The convention’s name is an abbreviation for Anime, Role-Playing Games, Comics, and Hobbies Convention.  ARCHcon aims to build the growing creative hobbyist industry in Visayas and Mindanao through supporting hobbies and creating a venue that gives back to the community through talks, workshops, development activities, mini-events, and more into one awesome convention.

ARCHcon’s goal is to be an open venue for people of all walks of life to express themselves and freely showcase their world-class talent, creativity and innovation in celebration of their hobbies and interests; as well as to be an instigator of change by donating the proceeds from the event to the Sacred Heart School – Ateneo de Cebu Blue Plate Project that helps the education sector fight malnutrition amongst public elementary students through daily feeding programs.

International cosplayers Boiledcurry and Knitemaya are this year’s guests. Workshops, video game competitions, exhibits, talks, and more awaits those who will be attending this two-day event.

For the complete line-up of activities and ticket information, you may visit ARCHCon Cebu’s Official Facebook Page and event page. Cosplayers, anime fans, and fellow geeks see you all at ARCHcon 2019!

The Lily Cat will be doing a two-day event coverage of ARCHcon 2019. Follow the Facebook Page for the latest updates and here on the site for the highlight report.


Source: ARCHcon Cebu (Facebook), Pictures: ARCHcon Cebu Press Kit

The Lily Cat Podcast Episode 5 – Why You Hate What I Love?

In this (late Easter) episode podcast of The Lily Cat, I talk about some recent reoccurring experience I had in the local conventions and how I deal with it. This was recorded last month and those who were in my Discord server was able to get early access to the episode.

Disclaimer: This podcast is not meant to bash the opposite genre. I respect it the same way I respect its fans. 

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Asia Pop Comicon Manila Returns Bigger and Better in August 2019!

The official Facebook page of AsiaPOP Comicon Manila has officially unveiled its dates and venue. The highly-anticipated comic book and Western pop culture convention will be held at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City from August 2 to 4, 2019.


AsiaPOP Comicon or APCC started in 2015 and has been one of the most highly anticipated fan conventions in the Philippines. Centered on the comic book and pop culture fandoms, the convention has brought in famous guests like Finn Jones, Millie Bobby Brown, Claire Holt, and Tye Sheridan to name a few. Famous cosplayers, comic book artists, and other notable personalities were also invited. You may check out their list and their past highlights in their official website.

Source: AsiaPOP Comicon Manila (Facebook)