Last 2014, Philippine social media was dominated by not only the savage comedy of Senyora Santibanez, but also from the iconic anime adaptation of Princess Sarah in a form of Filipino memes.

Fast forward to 2018, the “Patatas Fever” has returned but with an additional twist of Yuri– mostly centered on Princess Sarah, Becky, and Lavinia.

The hype began last March 3 when a Facebook user in the Yuri/GL Philippines Facebook group posted a meme. The post was an instant hit that it got more than 90 likes and reactions from the members. As this went on, more and more people began sharing related posts of the 90s anime series. From shipping wars (Sarah x Becky, Sarah x Lavinia, and so on), to even posting RP (roleplay) accounts.

Here are some of these posts!

Sarah and Becky are lit
One of those role-play accounts

Any Sarah x Ermengarde shippers?

It has come to the point that they even let Lottie into this shipping party

Lavinia is Thirsty AF

Sarah is mostly associated with potatoes. For some reason they have made Lavinia associated to kalabasa (squash)

There are no words for this xD

Becky’s thirsty lmao

Becky’s FB

Ship is sailing friends. Poor Ermengarde 🙁

When Becky loves her girl so much

Lavinia’s FB

Miss Minchin and I have the same comment right now.



Ermengarde’s FB

Yes, even Lottie has FB

Best Friend-zoned Ermendgarde :'(

Thirty af Lavinia



These are just some of the many. It’s just amusing how a simple yuri meme post would go a long way.

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By Serena

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