Long-time Yuri blogger Erica Friedman announced on her Twitter account on Friday that she will be releasing a book titled By Your Side: Conversations on the Yuri Genre. Journey Press will publish the said book.

She also mentioned that the book is scheduled to be released just in time for the 20th anniversary of her yuri blog, Okazu, and Pride Month. This has been one of her long-time projects, which she mentions as the “Big Book o’Yuri”.

Erica Friedman is the Founder of Yuricon, ALC Publishing, and Yurikon LLC, Social Media Without Delusion. An LGBTQ and Geek Marketing Consultant. Her blog Okazu is dedicated to providing reviews and news centered on Yuri, GL, and WLW media.

The Lily Cat would like to congratulate Erica-sensei on her project and looking forward to reading this book very soon.


Source: OkazuYuri (Twitter)

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By Serena