‘Fluttering Feelings’ Artist Ssamba Passes Away

The yuri fandom is saddened by the loss of a very talented Korean artist.

It was confirmed on February 20 that Ssamba, the artist of the GL webcomic series Fluttering Feelings has passed away after battling with cancer. This was confirmed in an official obituary published in the Comico website, where her webcomic is officially published.

Fluttering Feelings characters Seol-A and No Rae

Ssamba died at a young age of 33.

The artist’s last Instagram post dated back September 2017. Her previous posts shows some optimism giving fans hope that she will slowly recover.
Although her previous blog posts show some sadness, the later posts show some optimism telling fans they have nothing to worry about. Last October 9. 2016, a fan opened up a GoFundMe page as a way to help the artist to recover. The artist have heard of this and politely requested the page owner (and its generous donors) to not continue with the said online campaign but has assured her fans that she’s was still receiving treatment in the hospital at that time and appreciated the never ending support.
Translation of her Obituary page by Meow-chan (click to see full picture) 
Rest in Peace, Sssamba-nim. We will never forget you. Thank you giving us Fluttering Feelings especially the characters Seol-A and No Rae. 
Here is a picture of one of my favorite pictures from her Instagram account:
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  1. this saddens me, i was hoping her to recover from her illness. well, cancer sucks! Thank you Ssamba for bringing this manhwa of yours, It really inspired me and flutter me at the same way. It just sucks, I would never able to read Ff anymore. Hope you're at peace right now. Thank you very much <3

  2. I… I… I really love this manhwa. Thank you author and rest in peace. I’ll let my imagination finish the story.

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