‘Lily Love’ Page in the Lezhin Comics Website

If you are fans of Ratana Satisongoing GL webomic hit Pulse, then I’m pretty sure you’ve read one of her other works too. Say no more guys: You can now read her popular GL series Lily Love as well in the Lezhin Comics website!

Though this has been fan-translated in different languages already, I highly encourage that you officially purchase the chapters with Lezhin Coins. The translations are more accurate this time and we’ll never know– there might be more surprises for those who purchase them. This is also a way to support the publisher and the artist herself.
I’ve been following Ratana Satis and her works for quite some time now and she never fails to surprise her followers. I am still hanging on to my theories in Pulse as much as I wanted to share it to her. As always (and as a personal commitment as a fan), I will share them once the series is in its near climax and end. 
So if you love Pulse, you’ll definitely love Lily Love too. I won’t put in any spoilers here for the benefit of those who haven’t read it yet. Now you don’t need to go anywhere else to get your needed GL fix.
I will end this post with a line from the popular musical Hamilton (because this how I sum up how I feel about this annoucement) : “Look around, look around to how lucky we are to alive right now!*” 

Info source: http://three-musqueerteers.tumblr.com/ (Give them a follow on Tumblr or follow their RSS feeds for updated Yuri/GL info! You’ll be glad you did.)

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By Serena