Fluttering Feelings Halloween Art by Ssamba! Click here for the source

Hello there guys! I would like to put some articles on hold for a bit and just take this opportunity to greet you all a Happy Halloween!

This blog was made December last year and it was just a few months ago when I decided to relaunch it and make this the place to share thoughts, opinions, news, and features on Yuri, Anime, video games, and so on. My love for my fandoms and writing have urged me to keep this going and I thank you guys for sticking around. Just after the relaunch, the site has reached around 10,000 views. Although Facebook has been a good platform to share what you want to share, I think putting everything in one place would be a good way to organize everything.

This blogsite may not be the best compared to other Yuri and subculture blogs, but I appreciate your comments, criticism, and encouragement that you guys write down here and in the Facebook page. These will really help me improve in my future articles. I may be very busy with my real life job but I do what I can to just keep writing and share great stuff to you as much as I can. Cheers and advance Happy Holidays to all!

Best Regards,

Rei Tsukikage (Serena Rei Martinez)


It feels so good that the Comico website and Facebook page have shared to us Ssamba’s Fluttering Feelings characters in a special Halloween-themed feature. I have high hopes that the artist will recover and I can’t wait to see her make more art in the future. In behalf of the many fans who follow you: Ssamba. FIGHTING!!

Comico’s Facebook Page Cover Photo for Halloween featuring the characters of Ssamba’s manwha, ‘Fluttering Feelings’

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By Serena