Team Gaji (What Does The Fox Say webtoon artist) has tweeted yesterday that they are planning to publish their webtoon in a paperback volume. Due to the immense popularity of the series, they are opening international delivery for those interested in ordering a copy. The have not mentioned details yet on the pre-order and/or release dates. 
This goes to how much of a popular GL series What Does The Fox Say is and the hype has no indication of slowing down. Aside from this plan of a printed volume release, they were able to release Drama CDs last year produced by VoiceStory. Check out the videos below for previews.
Source: yuri_haru (Twitter)
Chapter 62 will be released in the Lezhin Comics website next Friday (Oct 28). 

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By Serena

5 thoughts on “‘What Does The Fox Say’ Paperback Volume Release in the Works!”
  1. Hi please can I buy wdtfs cd from you? And any related items if you don’t use it anymore. Willing to pay more.

    1. Hi there! Unfortunately, I don’t have the WDTFS CD (the item is pretty rare to get now). And I’m still keeping my WDTFS physical copies since they super rare nowadays too.

    1. Hello! The WDTFS Book could be officially out of print now as the series is no longer under Lezhin.

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