Spoilers Ahead!

In this chapter of WDTFS, we are first taken to a flashback scene of Dawoon and her girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend) Camille as they enjoy their time together in bed. Dawoon shared to her a person that she once liked back in Korea and admitted that she still thinks about her. The person that she was pertaining to was obviously Sungji.

Fast forward to the present day. Dawoon drove Sungji to the beach to get some fresh air after fetching her from her workplace. This made Sungji remember her moment with Sumin visiting the same spot. Both girls reminisced their younger years together as they enjoyed the windy breeze. We also get a glimpse of a graduation flashback of the two girls taking a picture together and saying their goodbyes to each other.

Dawoon drove Sungji home, hugged her, and once again expressed her feelings. Regardless if Sungji will give her a direct answer or not, the chapter ends with a cliffhanging question from Dawoon: “Can you do it with me?


I am starting to love the pacing Team Gaji is making for the webtoon. Like seriously. I know that some of you would think that the chapter is too fast and the introduction of Dawoon as a character was too short. I prefer this than getting chapters of fancy papers and glitters just to sparkle up her story. We don’t really need that now because all eyes are now focused on Sungji and what her decisions will be.

Here are my thoughts for each character.

Sumin really needs to make a move if she really wants Sungji back in her life. I don’t know how she is going to do this (considering that Sungji got NTR’ed because of her giving in to Seju) but time is running out. If she finally decides to go back to Seju, well you can never forget a first love I suppose (but looking at Sumin being with her is like seeing a bird stuck in a cage).

Seju needs to be independent. Period. She is more fitting to be independent and not being controlled with so much obsession over someone. If she really loves Sumin, at least change for the better. Corny as is sounds however, if she really cares for Sumin, she should let her go (or not make her feel caged to her selfish demands).

It starting to be obvious that the story is now focused on Sungji. It’s her decision that would really turn tables around. If she goes back to Sumin, then good (but still be haunted by Seju). If she goes with Dawoon, then there’s seem to be nothing wrong with that (less stress on her part). But understanding her current emotional situation, I doubt if she will ever jump in and make Dawoon hers. Everything is still very hazy when you look at everything in a bigger picture. But I cant lie: they really look good together.

So this concludes my review. I look forward to the next chapter (and hopefully more Dawoon)!

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By Serena