This was a fun chapter to read and just had the right balance for a great chapter. Warning: Minor spoilers ahead!
“Wait for me.”

In today’s chapter of Pulse, we are welcomed with a sweet phone conversation between Mel and Lynn. The glow that these girls had was just too fluffy and cheesy to ignore. Mel expresses how she missed her and apologizes that they can’t eat dinner together for the reason that Grace is still in a coma and she has to find out more answers related to her accident and possible case of being strangled before her accident.

Mel successfully tracked one of the connections of the potential suspect and the chapter ends with her successfully getting one of the pieces of the puzzle that she needs. 


I understand the Mel is doing this just to get the hands of Grace’s fiance and put him behind bars. It worries me however on what would potentially happen if Lynn found out about what the Doc is about to possibly do with the woman to get answers. 
All in all, still a great chapter to read. In fact, this chapter has better impact compared to Chapter 25. Quite understandable since it’s a shifting chapter to what unfolds in upcoming chapters. Onward to Chapter 27!
Note: I am not sure if I will be able to review the next Chapter 27 since I will be out the next weekend to attend a big cosplay convention in Manila. In case I couldn’t, I’ll probably make up for it reviewing two chapters. 
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By Serena