While some people indulge their late Friday nights outside and just party until dawn, I remain in the comforts of my bedroom waiting for the 25th episode of Ratana Satis’ yuri webcomic Pulse. 

In the previous chapter, we witness the intense scene of Mel and Lynn which end up hanging due to an emergency phone call. Fast forward, Grace is in a coma and it’s not for certain yet if she will wake up.
Crystal then comes in hoping that Grace is awake to get clues related to her case. Mel then told her friend to put this case into priority and hopefully track down the person who did this to Grace.

Thoughts on Chapter 25

It’s expected that some would say that this is a filler chapter and you just want that Lynn and Mel scene to continue without disruptions. But you know– we all need to take a break from the intensity of the last chapter. So I have to say that this webcomic is moving in a good pace. Hope it stays that way. 
Though it doesn’t have that much impact (yet), this chapter reminded me of a certain crime/detective series that I was so hooked on way back. As always, I look forward to the next Friday Pulse chapter release party. So I have to say that I don’t hate this chapter and I don’t love it either.
Why am I reminded of Rizzoli and Isles after reading this chapter all of a sudden? 
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By Serena