The Heartwarming Art of Pandesaii

In this special interview, Pandesaii captured the hearts of many due to her beautiful art featuring girls crushing and falling in love with each other.

Pandesaii captured the hearts of many due to her beautiful art featuring girls crushing and falling in love with each other.

Based in the Philippines, Sai or known as Pandesaii, captured the hearts of many Yuri and GL fans due to her beautiful art featuring innocent girls crushing or falling in love with each other in a Filipino setting.

I discovered her works sometime during the height of the pandemic, and every single time I saw her art pass my feed, or on my timeline, I couldn’t help but spend a minute or two just admiring the warmness each art gives. I am so honored to be given this opportunity to ask her a few questions about her inspiring works of art.

The Lily Cat: Before I start with the questions, I want to let you know that I feel so ecstatic that I am doing this interview with you. I admit that I have been such a huge fan of your work for so long. Can you tell me how you started making art?

Pandesaii: Thank you so much for having me! It feels nice to be interviewed by someone really passionate about GL. I’ve been making art for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been that weird artist child, I never really excelled in academics and I have dyslexia which made writing and etc. hard for me.

Illustration was the only way I could express myself truly so I started taking it seriously very early. I’ve been painting since I was in grade school and started traditionally training from 6th grade until 4th year and went to art school after that.

The Lily Cat: Most of the art you share on your lovely FB page is mainly centered on Filipino girls’ love. I admit that it always gives me kilig vibes every time I see it on my feed. Has this been your main focus since?

Pandesaii: I didn’t really start drawing GL until college, I was originally aiming to be a concept artist for a big western company, it was my goal since childhood but as I grew older and learned more about myself and the industry, I started shifting my goals and art to what feels genuine to me. The lack of local Sapphic representation too made me sad and I’ve made illustrating more GL my goal since.

The Lily Cat: Every artist has an inspiration in doing what they love doing. I’m curious who or what inspired you to do these lovely creations?

Pandesaii: My main inspiration is mostly my gf/partner Ten, this might be shocking to some people but I’m not really the romantic type, I never took non-fiction love seriously until I met Ten. They gave me flowers, took me to dates, took care of me and they made me feel like I was genuinely in love for the first time in my life. The emotions that I show in my art are mostly from what I feel when I remember our good times.

Another inspiration was the things that I didn’t get to experience due to self-hatred and denial. I draw for my inner teen who never really had representation that could’ve helped me accept myself earlier, I also draw hoping that it can help a young Sapphic that’s currently struggling with their identity.

The Lily Cat: Has the pandemic affected you in a way in creating your art? Knowing that your GL works were made/published during a very tough time.

Pandesaii: The pandemic had a huge effect on me and my art. It arrived after I graduated college; when I was hoping that I can finally be free to explore the world and meet other people like me but the pandemic shackled me back to my childhood home, the place that I was trying to leave.

I used art as an escape. Harana, the piece that started it all was made through yearning. The huge time gaps between the works that I put out were also because of the pandemic. It’s been hard but I’m just currently hoping for the best.

The Lily Cat: I’m curious. What GL media (anime, manga, webtoon, and so on) are your faves at the moment?

Pandesaii: Ohh I’m not sure if I have new faves at the moment but I just recently caught up to Relationship Guidelines! I am absolutely in love with the art style and excited for the side stories. I’m also currently waiting for new updates of Whispering You A Love Song! While Opium, Getting to Know Grace, and Soul Mates are on my to-read list.

The Lily Cat: Anything you want to say to your growing followers? Also, where can they find you?

Pandesaii: Omg aaaa hello! Please give me some recommendations, I would love to explore more gl media and I hope ya’ll are doing well, you can also reach out to me mostly on Twitter and Instagram (@pandesaii) thank you so much for having me! Also please continue supporting local GL artist!

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Yuri Blogger Erica Friedman to Release ‘By Your Side: Conversations on the Yuri Genre’ Book

Long-time Yuri blogger Erica Friedman announced on her Twitter account on Friday that she will be releasing a book titled By Your Side: Conversations on the Yuri Genre. Journey Press will publish the said book.

She also mentioned that the book is scheduled to be released just in time for the 20th anniversary of her yuri blog, Okazu, and Pride Month. This has been one of her long-time projects, which she mentions as the “Big Book o’Yuri”.

Erica Friedman is the Founder of Yuricon, ALC Publishing, and Yurikon LLC, Social Media Without Delusion. An LGBTQ and Geek Marketing Consultant. Her blog Okazu is dedicated to providing reviews and news centered on Yuri, GL, and WLW media.

The Lily Cat would like to congratulate Erica-sensei on her project and looking forward to reading this book very soon.


Source: OkazuYuri (Twitter)

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Yuri Visual Novel LOVE BAKUDAN is Now Available!

Aside from the constant releases of yuri anime for 2021, Noodletub Games has a treat for those looking for a new game to get into. Their latest 18+ yuri visual novel game, LOVE BAKUDAN is now available on Steam and!

LOVE BAKUDAN is an 18+ erotic yuri dramedy, focusing on the life of Haruka Mishima. When she returns to her coastal hometown of Akiyama after a long time away, she finds that there’s much more waiting for her than just inheriting her family’s erotic bookstore, Bakudan Books. But between romancing girls and selling erotica to the locals, Haruka finds that she’s in for an even wilder ride than she expected…

The game gives you the option of dating the beautiful lovelorn bartender, your cheerful best friend, a dangerous mobster, a drop-dead gorgeous firefighter, a mysterious Korean idol or a shy mangaka in the making. Finding the girl you like is all entirely up to you!

The project was launched in February 2020 and funded via its Kickstarter backers.

Get the game on Steam and in today! They are currently doing a giveaway for those who want to get the game FOR FREE.

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‘The Rich Man’s Daughter’ Actress Rhian Ramos Sends Birthday Greetings to Co-Actress Glaiza De Castro, Fans Hyped and went on a #TRMD Throwback

Fans of GMA’s 2015 lesbian TV drama series The Rich Man’s Daughter cheered and went on throwback when actress Rhian Ramos posted a birthday greeting to her co-star Glaiza de Castro on Thursday, January 21 on her official Facebook page. Ramos and De Castro played the lead roles of Jade and Althea respectively.

Happy birthday, Glaiza De Castro

Posted by Rhian Ramos on Thursday, January 21, 2021

As of press time, the said post has reached more than 21,000 reactions with almost 700 shares. The majority of the comments were birthday greetings to Glaiza with some saying that they missed The Rich Man’s Daughter. Their chemistry is well-loved by fans that their fandom ships are named RaStro (a combination of the girls’ last names) and JaThea (a combination of their TRMD character’s first names.) Posts (e.g. fanfiction, fanart, fan videos) related to this pair are still very much around the net even if the series has ended years ago.

Glaiza made a response for everyone who greeted her on her birthday on Twitter.


Unfortunately, the ship will not be sailing as Glaiza is happily engaged to her Irish boyfriend. A September 2020 report revealed that Rhian is single again after dealing with a bad breakup with her boyfriend.

Missed the series? You can watch the entire episodes of The Rich Man’s Daughter here.

Glaiza De Castro is a Filipino actress and singer notable for playing the role of Althea from GMA Network’s 2015 top-rating lesbian TV drama series The Rich Man’s Daughter. The show also starred Rhian Ramos as Jade. De Castro also stars in the 2016 remake of Encantadia as Pirena and the titular character of the network’s 2010 TV fantasy series Grazilda. 

Source: Rhian Ramos (Facebook), GMA Network, Manila Bulletin

Join our growing Yuri and Girl’s Love Community, Yuri/GL Philippines

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Seven Seas Entertainment Releases ‘Regarding Saeki Sayaka’ Final Volume and ‘Syrup: A Yuri Anthology Vol. 2’

Seven Seas Entertainment has two Yuri releases this month, namely Bloom Into You (Light Novel): Regarding Saeki Sayaka Vol. 3 and Syrup: A Yuri Anthology Vol. 2.  Both releases are now available in both physical and digital.

The third volume of Regarding Saeki Sayaka is now the final volume of the light novel series, while Syrup: A Yuri Anthology Vol 2. features works by Yoshimurakana (Murciélago), Kodama Naoko (NTR: Netsuzou Trap), and Milk Morinaga (Girl Friends, My Cute Kitten, Kisses Sighs and Cherry Blossom Pink), and more.

About The Final Volume of Regarding Saeki Sayaka


Saeki Sayaka is no stranger to unrequited love. What she’s not used to is having someone confess their feelings for her—until Edamoto Haru, an underclassman, does exactly that in Sayaka’s second year of college. Haru is forward and unhesitating in her affections, the opposite of cautious, reserved Sayaka—but if she can find the courage to reach back, this time, she might find what she’s been waiting for all along.

The first volume was released on Feb 11,  and the second volume was released on August 11.

About Syrup: A Yuri Anthology Vol. 2. 


Secret love is sweeter! The second volume of this popular yuri anthology goes dark, with stories about love between women that’s hidden, unrequited, fantasy-based, or even taboo. Explore the forbidden side of love with new and returning artists in Volume 2 of SYRUP.

The first volume of Syrup was released in English on August 11. The third volume is scheduled to be released on April 20, 2021.

Two awesome releases for the Holiday season. What better way to end the year with something nice. Be sure to grab a copy of each today!

Source: Seven Seas Entertainment

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YangYang Mobile Releases Trailer for Yuri Visual Novel Game ‘Perfect Gold’

Philippine-based game company YangYang Mobile recently released a trailer for their yuri visual novel game Perfect Gold. They launched a Kickstarter campaign for the game and were able to successfully passed their initial USD $8000 goal in just 48 hours!

The alpha demo of the game is currently released on their Steam page for those who want to try. If you are interested in the game, it’s recommended that you support their Kickstarter campaign which is still up for 14 days.

Their Steam page gives us overview about the game:

Perfect Gold is a coming-of-age yuri visual novel about two former friends who escape detention in order to celebrate the Sunflower Festival. Set in the magical city of Castlecoast, readers get to know Audrey Clary, an alchemy student and heiress who secretly dreams of a different life, and Marion LaRue, a rebellious elemental magic student in search of someone she once loved.

As the reader, your choices affect the outcome of Audrey and Marion’s day together.

Game Features:

  • A Lesbian Story for the Lesbians: Follow a heartwarming, slice-of-life story between two girls as they get a second chance at love and friendship.
  • 2 Playable Characters: See the story unfold through the eyes of Audrey and Marion.
  • Vibrant Visuals: Immerse yourself in the magical city of Castlecoast, brought to life by animated characters, backgrounds & illustrations.
  • Interactive Dialogue Choices: How would you like Audrey and Marion’s day to end? Your choice will determine which of the two unique endings they will get.
  • Original Soundtrack: Listen to beautifully composed music tracks that accentuates the story’s most emotional beats.

YangYang Mobile has launched very successful games in the past, with Love Esquire as one of their popular titles.

I will be trying out the alpha demo of the game soon. So please look forward to it. Also, continue to support this site and providing yuri updates and reviews by leaving a Ko-fi!

Emotionally Powerful, Beautiful, and Deserves a Brave Comeback – Monsters the Musical

From Monsters the Musical Facebook Page

“So I will take this risk of loving you, and having you, cause my heart insists.”*

“Loving is not owning, We can let it go, We can let it go.”**

Last year, I went to Cebu to watch a locally-produced musical. Although this article is almost a year too late, the entire production was just beautiful enough to still talk about it at present.

Photo by The Lily Cat

I was speechless. Monsters the Musical captured by heart, made me sing, and got me to tears. This was the first Girls Love musical I have ever watched in my life—it is such a shame that I wasn’t able to be given an opportunity to watch it twice…perhaps even more.

How I Knew About the Musical

From Monsters the Musical Facebook Page

Time and time again, I am proud enough to say that aside from talking about Yuri and GL content, I always have a very deep love for theater. Musicals to be specific. I even flew to Manila a couple of times in a year just to watch them. I even called off one of my dates just to watch musicals. This is how it really means to me.

Now, how did I know about this musical? I have been seeing of some of my friends from my personal Facebook account sharing about Monsters the Musical, a coming-of-age love story musical produced by MDF Productions. Monsters isn’t the first musical they’ve ever produced for Cebu, they had a couple of musical productions way back. It was my first time seeing one of them and I can tell you, the musical was in level with all the top musical and theater plays that are produced in Manila.

The songs in this musical are written and composed by a Cebu-based artist, Cattski Espina. Monsters gave her songs a new spin that blend perfectly well with the characters and flow of the story.

I checked their show dates and it is quite timely that it falls on the same weekend as ARCHCON 2019. Without hesitation, I reached out to the musical’s FB page and reserved a VIP front row ticket. One of my seniors played one of the leading characters in the play so I was happy enough to support her during her gala performance. I watched the November 16 Gala performance at the SM Seaside Centerstage.

Powerful and Colorful Characters

Musical Highlights:

Monsters is centered on the lives of two friends: Bea and Elle. They have known each other since childhood and were there through thick and thin. Elle is a proud nerd—loves to write poetry and wanted to pursue it with a passion. Bea was an opposite of Elle. She was outspoken, loves to play the guitar, and very independent. The musical introduces you to other characters which played a part in Bea and Elle’s lives, both good and bad. Main ones are Dex (Elle’s long-time guy friend who admired her) and Jake (Bea’s abusive boyfriend).

Bea (Seated) | From Monsters the Musical Facebook Page

This musical was a roller-coaster of emotions and it kept me on the edge of my seat. The story and the situations that the main characters have to go through were so raw and relatable.

I really felt Elle’s emotions. I felt her struggle, her stress, and her pain. Imagine, she had a long-time crush with Bea ever since they were young. She continued to do poetry and was always inspired to do so, all because of Bea. My heart also ached for Bea. She was lost and confused—struggling who to follow or who to stay. I honestly can’t blame her for that.

Elle | From Monsters the Musical Facebook Page

As the musical progressed, Elle and Bea realized their feelings for each other. There was a part of their lives when they were torn of following their heart or following the perspectives of what society thinks is normal. Instead of pursuing her dreams, Elle went in a different career path as a nurse, while Bea continued to be with her abusive boyfriend Jake even there was less or no love to give anymore.

Realizing and thinking that both her and Bea will never be together in the end, Elle ended up dating and marrying Dex and started a family together. Knowing that they have been long time friends, Dex knew too well that Elle really cared for Bea so much and he knew that she still had feelings for her. Elle thought she was doing the right thing and what’s best for her self, but her mind and her heart were not in sync.

Love Wins

Bea and Elle | From Monsters the Musical Facebook Page

I honestly had no idea about what Monsters the Musical was about in case of synopsis and sneak-peeks are concerned because I honestly avoided them just to experience it as it is. I’ve been seeing headlines about their musical from notable musical and theater websites but never read the full articles.

Avoiding these were definitely worth it because when Act 1 was done, I froze on my seat. I was speechless and in awe of everything. I had to skip my bathroom break and spent it on a phone call with my friends Sei and Din (who are also my fellow co-admins of Yuri/GL Philippines). I will never forget the exact words I said to them: “Guys, you wouldn’t believe this! I watched a Girl’s Love musical.”

Bea and Elle | Photos from Monsters the Musical Facebook Page

When Act 2 began, this is when the tide of emotions roll in. I can hear a lot of sniffles and soft sobbing in the audience. I was so focused on the show that I only lately realized my tears flowing down my face. Just who wouldn’t cry about the situation of these characters? Bea was lost (she finally let go of Jake off her life) and finally accepted it was only Elle who could love her unconditionally. Elle realized that although she is now in this current part of her life, she could not stop her heart regardless of what she’ll do. Love will always find its way no matter what ever time or circumstance you are currently dealing with.

Bea and Elle | Photos from Monsters the Musical Facebook Page

The musical was now on its climax when it was to find out that Elle had cancer, and she might leave very soon. I really have huge respect for Dex, because he knows and understand the situation. All-in-all, it was Elle’s happiness that’s more important now. He accepted the fact that his wife still loved her first love and had no other way to make her happy but to give her last few days, moments, hours, and minutes, with Bea.

The most iconic scene for me in the musical based from memory was the bench where both Bea and Elle used to talk a lot together. It was very heartwarming moment for both. When they finally said their seemed-last words of goodbye, this is where my tears flow the most. Another favorite, but very emotional scene from the movie was when important people of Elle’s life came together when her ashes were finally scattered and her daughter read allowed the letter Elle left.

Bea and Dex | Photos from Monsters the Musical Facebook Page

Other memorable highlights in the musical for me was when Elle’s parents found out about Elle’s sexual identity and fully accepted who she was (although too late). Then the scene when Bea finally sang her heart out and performed in gigs again because this is what really made her happy, and it would have made Elle happy too.

I am honestly up until here. There’s so much that I still wanted to tell but due to it’s been so long since I watched it, I can not remember some of the stuff in between the show. But reading through this so far, I really did have a great time.


Photos from Monsters the Musical Facebook Page

In these current times when we are recommended to just stay at home, sometimes there are those thoughts of maybe the musical might have some professional recordings during their limited run so they can stream it online for everyone to see. Well, Ang Huling El Bimbo did it. But of course, I’m not expecting.

Monsters the Musical Cast | Photos from Monsters the Musical Facebook Page

Even until now, I still can’t get enough of the story and music of Monsters the Musical and I think the musical is flawless and perfect. It deserves a brave comeback in the theatre stage—hopefully once all of this is over. I was so happy that I was able to catch this theater musical gem in the heart of Cebu. I’ll look forward to what MDF Productions would have in store for us in the near future. This is definitely now one of my favorite original Filipino musicals so far. I do hope more people, especially fellow GL fans like me would get to experience this emotionally powerful musical someday.


Please listen to the soundtrack on Spotify today. Lyrics can also be found here.

Pictures from Monsters The Musical – Facebook Page

More Info from Monsters the Musical Website

* – Lyrics from song Risk by Cattski

** – Lyrics from song Now by MYMP


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The Sakura and Tomoyo Relationship: Revisited

Well, hey! I am back (again), from the grave! For good reason, too. As a way to celebrate Pride Month, I went back into writing something I love the most.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I finally was able to fully marathon Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card anime without the fan noise and after so long of avoiding some key spoilers. Due to the immense hype and the return of an “O.G. magical girl series,” I knew that people would be talking about it for a long time. So I avoided it and waited. The wait was worth it. I enjoyed it to its full glory, and I wanted more.

Now also, as of this writing, the first Card Captor Sakura anime is now available for streaming on Netflix. Honestly, this write-up isn’t entirely a review about the anime series (I’ll probably make a separate one for this). This review, however, will be focused on two particular characters—the two specific people that got me into this beautiful genre of loving and shipping two-dimensional girls: Sakura Kinomoto and Tomoyo Daidouji.

Previously, I made a feature of Sakura and Tomoyo. I decided to go back into talking about them here because, God, I just love these two very much!

While watching Clear Card, I am just wholly hands down to how very loyal and caring Tomoyo is to Sakura. Although her comedic moments were a bit too cheesy for me (I guess CLAMP wanted her to make part of the comedic relief aside from Keroberos), I am happy to know that we got to see more of Tomoyo being ahead and doing whatever it takes to help Sakura. Not missing an opportunity to get footage on all her heroic acts (though some of them didn’t go well as planned.)

Every time Sakura and Tomoyo had a “moment,” it always makes me want to fangirl and giggle. These two were just completely cute together. Also, let’s give props to Tomoyo y’all—she was there for Sakura all the way when Syaoran wasn’t around for a while. Imagine if Sakura didn’t have Tomoyo, and she had to deal with the pain of not having her date because he left for Hong Kong. She was there for Sakura when no one never did.

Also, it amazes me that because of wanting to capture almost all of Sakura’s heroic moments, Tomoyo upped her game. She let her mother (the President of Daidouji Toys, mind you) create better gadgets so she could get better footage of Sakura. Imagine that dedication. Never have you seen someone from anime go into this level just for the person they care about the most.

Aside from watching Clear Card, I also took the time to do a small rewatch of Card Captor Sakura the Movie. Oh, Lord! How I loved this movie—in fact, watching both the CCS movies have become a tradition of sorts for me every New Year’s Eve.

In the first movie, Sakura and the gang won a trip to Hong Kong and encountered a mysterious person calling for Sakura. When Sakura finally got to meet the said person (which appeared to someone from Clow Reed’s past), this person took all of Sakura’s friends, and our heroine Cardcaptor would have to defeat her if she wants them back. Sakura wasn’t able to rescue everyone with the magic she had (and time was ticking), but she was able to successfully rescue Tomoyo. This scene is probably one of my favorites as it shows how Sakura really cared for Tomoyo.

Okay, now we go back to Clear Card. Same as the first anime, Clear Card Tomoyo still plays the best friend-sidekick role. There was no hint of borderline romantic moves from her because, well, Sakura had Syaoran already. A lot of people would revolt if ever there was a hint that Tomoyo DID make a move on her.

As much as how I wish there was a hint of more romance between the two girls, but I think we would just end up having the CLAMP-flavored subtext that we have always gotten over the years. Regardless, I will always be proud enough to say that I got to love this genre (and writing Yuri-related stuff) because of the Tomoyo and Sakura ship. I would probably not stop talking about them anytime soon. In fact, I even talked about it a recent podcast with Jay Agonoy (keepsakes.).

I still look forward to what’s to come with the Card Captor Sakura franchise. Although the franchise itself isn’t really yuri, the subtext and the characters were my gateways into getting into this beautiful genre.

This is definitely one great comeback into writing Yuri-related stuff again after almost a month of no updates whatsoever here on the site. Hey, there’s definitely more to come. As always, Sakura and Tomoyo will always be one of my favorite Yuri ships of all time.  

Now, to formally end this post, I would like to share one of my recent favorite Sakura and Tomoyo fan art created by @neko_cer on Twitter. Still can’t get enough of this, really. Come on, CLAMP! Give Tomoyo some love, please?

Tomoyo and Sakura fanart by neko_cer


New GL Webtoon Series ‘Soul Drifters’ by Ratana Satis to Debut on January 19!

After a very long wait and a few teasers later, Ratana Satis’ upcoming GL webtoon series Soul Drifters finally has a release date. This highly anticipated series will debut on January 19th, Sunday on the premium webtoon platform Lezhin Comics.  Ratana Satis posted a new visual of the series of her official Facebook page on New Year’s Day.

It was also announced that releases for the chapters will be from every 2nd, 12th, and 22nd day of each month. After the debut, the next release will be on the 22nd. The artist has been teasing art and revealing small info about the characters since last year.

Ratana Satis is a Thai GL artist who rose to massive popularity due to her following hit series: Pulse, Lily Love, and Lily Love 2 – Frosty Jewel. Physical books of the mentioned titles are now available for pre-orders in both English and Thai. You may check out the artist’s official Facebook page for more information. You may also read these in digital via Lezhin Comics.

Source: Ratana Satis (Facebook), The Three Musqueerteers (Tumblr)

“Let’s Be Lonely Together, Miss Gu!” – The Third Party by Enjelicious Review


The following images used in this article are selected (not whole pages of the webtoon/s) and will only be used for the sole purpose of this review. The Lily Cat does not claim ownership of the webtoon art and images featured. 
Official links to the author's webcomics are also included for the benefit of the readers and to support the creator's works. 
Thank you for your understanding.

It has been a while since my last review on something related to webcomics (for a very good reason, I will explain later).

This has been long overdue. I honestly wanted to talk about this series for a (very) long time and those who have known for me for years can prove that while this series was ongoing, I couldn’t stop talking about it. So finally, here it is! My review on The Third Party by Enjelicious.  Spoilers ahead!

The Basics

The Third Party was released in 2017 (during the hype of Lezhin Comics’ GL Renaissance) in the Lezhin Comics EN website. This was created by popular Filipino artist Enjelicious notable for doing cover arts for the physical release of the Diary ng Panget books as well as other local manga releases in the Philippines. Her ongoing work Age Matters can be read on LINE Webtoon and has earned a massive following to this day.

Going back to TTP, the webtoon won First Place in Lezhin US’ first webtoon competition. When the teaser of the series was released, yuri fans were excited and very much looking forward to it.

The Third Party is centered on the romance of two girls: Gu Jeong Hui and Moon Hae Jin. Gu Jeong Hui is the daughter of the CEO of a TV broadcasting company, GBS. Here’s the thing: Jeong Hui is in an arranged marriage with one of the TV anchors, Kang Sang Hun. She immediately obeyed her father’s wishes of marrying Sang Hun regardless if her life still feels empty. It took a different turn when she met Hae Jin, who is a Producer-Director of the company.

While Jeong Hui’s purpose in GBS was to obey her father and her husband’s wishes, Hae Jin had different agendas to why she was there: to get revenge and answers on the death of her father. She didn’t care if she had to manipulate people to do this. She did everything whatever it takes. However, her plans seemed to have slowed down when she met Jeong Hui. Eventually they fell in love with each other.

The webtoon is roller coaster of intense drama and romance. You are sure to be completely hooked.

Late Reaction to The Hype

Due to I was focused on another webtoon series What Does The Fox Say, I admit I never really got into the hype fully. It was when it reached to Chapter 10 when I finally decided to give The Third Party a read. And oh man, I regretted for not starting too soon.

My Undying Love for PD Moon

I am not ashamed to say that ever since her full appearance in the first chapter, I was completely in love with PD Moon (Moon Hae Jin). Just who wouldn’t? She works in a Media company (which is in my line of career), she’s very beautiful, and just whatever she does makes you wish that she’d noticed you. I always tend to joke that “I want PD Moon to step on me” because of how I greatly admire her from her character design to her constant change as the story progresses.

As The Third Party moves forward, you would probably notice that ever since Gu came into her life, PD Moon was torn of avenging her past or just embrace the present thing she has now. She had Gu, she didn’t need anything else. She was willing to let go of almost everything she worked for because of her. But on the other side of the coin, she was already at that peak where the answers that she always demanded and work FOR YEARS is still conflicting.

The Art, Drama, and Intensity

Reading this webtoon for the first time was really a ride. Almost 90% of the time, each chapter ends with a cliffhanger. But you really can’t ignore the art of this webtoon. This is probably the first webtoon series I’ve read in which 3/4 of each chapter has a background. Most of the time, webcomics are only filled with white background and not many details are added except the character. In The Third Party, however, every panel has a background and the artist really took a lot of effort to add in backgrounds to give the scene a bit more life.

Every Monday night was something to look forward to as the intensity of the story grew as each chapter moves forward.

The Ending

For the benefit of those who haven’t read The Third Party ending (or haven’t even started yet,) I won’t spoil much. When the last chapter was released, I was already expecting a lot of people to comment about the ending. How I wish I can elaborate more–but I have to say that that ending was definitely okay for me. It wasn’t sad or it was a happy ending. It was some that people didn’t expect. While people had a lot to say about it, it honestly gave me hope that there will be a continuation of Gu and PD Moon’s story. I don’t mind how long I will be able to wait for that happen. However, it was a good end for me. Let me know in the comments section what you think of the ending if you’ve read it already. I’m curious!

The Webtoon That Got Me Back to the Yuri Community

Yes, that’s PD Moon in a coffee shop. At the same time, it’s my laptop and me in a coffee shop.

Okay, this part may be a bit personal so incoming feels trip.

The time The Third Party was released, I was at that particular moment of my life when I wanted to leave the Yuri community. The story behind this is very long and I promised my friends to no longer talk about it. I honestly lost the energy and motivation to do the things that I wanted to do. So I made the decision to just quit. However, this webtoon got me back. I read this in one of the darkest periods of my life as a yuri fan. Until now, I am very thankful that this series was made. I think giving a hundred or even thousands of thank you’s to Enjelicious aren’t enough to express how this webtoon got me back to loving yuri and just do stuff for this fandom.

Also, I realized that I have such a connection to PD Moon especially when it comes to the topics of romance and life are concerned. We all make mistakes and we take the wrong risks along the way. However, a certain fragment of your past shouldn’t be a reason not to keep going. We keep going even if we have to keep that someone in our life or let go for the better.


No webtoon series is perfect and The Third Party is one of them. I do not want to go technical or critical on this because my overall conclusion is that this webtoon is a must-read. Some of you may be reading her current work Age Matters, but if you have extra webtoon coins to spare, please do read The Third Party. From art to story, and to the characters. I actually lost count to how many times I’ve read the series. I think you might say this is my go-to yuri webtoon to read, and I do hope it would be the same for you guys too.

You may read The Third Party on Lezhin Comics.

Note: The title for this review is inspired by Avicii’s song “Lonely Together”. The lyrics fam. (RIP Avicii)


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