Aside from the constant releases of yuri anime for 2021, Noodletub Games has a treat for those looking for a new game to get into. Their latest 18+ yuri visual novel game, LOVE BAKUDAN is now available on Steam and!

LOVE BAKUDAN is an 18+ erotic yuri dramedy, focusing on the life of Haruka Mishima. When she returns to her coastal hometown of Akiyama after a long time away, she finds that there’s much more waiting for her than just inheriting her family’s erotic bookstore, Bakudan Books. But between romancing girls and selling erotica to the locals, Haruka finds that she’s in for an even wilder ride than she expected…

The game gives you the option of dating the beautiful lovelorn bartender, your cheerful best friend, a dangerous mobster, a drop-dead gorgeous firefighter, a mysterious Korean idol or a shy mangaka in the making. Finding the girl you like is all entirely up to you!

The project was launched in February 2020 and funded via its Kickstarter backers.

Get the game on Steam and in today! They are currently doing a giveaway for those who want to get the game FOR FREE.

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By Serena