About The Lily Cat Blog

Who Are You?

Hello, and my name is Serena. I’m a yuri and fandom blogger based in the Philippines. I’ve been writing about my fandoms since early 2008.

I’m currently connected to companies in the anime and game industry doing marketing, advertising, and writing for them. In my spare time, I write about yuri, events, anime, and just almost anything here.

What is This Site About?

The Lily Cat was established in 2015 and was formally created under the Blogger platform. It went to independent hosting in 2018 and made under the WordPress platform.

This website is a mix of news, features, reviews, personal ramblings, and editorial with addition of podcast episodes. The majority of the things I write about are under the yuri genre and other topics that may seem relevant to my target audience: anime fans, gamers, cosplayers, and convention attendees.

Site Stats

Due to its specific niche, The Lily Cat reaches an estimate of 2,000-5,000 online users a month and its Facebook Page reaching 10,000-40,000 organic reach per month.

Event Coverage

I began covering cosplay and anime conventions in 2018 and I would love to cover more events in the future. Here are some of the events that I have already covered:

Nippon Industrial and Cultural Exchange / World Cosplay Summit Philippines Grand Finals 2018 – Davao City

World Cosplay Summit 2018 – Online Coverage

Otakufest 2019 / World Cosplay Summit Cebu Qualifiers – Cebu City

World Cosplay Summit 2019 – Online Coverage

ARCHcon 2019 – Cebu City

Otakufest 2020 – Cebu City

Partners / Affiliations

Yuri/GL Philippines

Jay Agonoy / keepsakes.

The Cebu Cosplay Event Event Buzzer – Gary Montejo

The Philippine Simulator

Contact Me

Are you a content creator? Want to promote something on the site? Or need help spreading the word? Feel free to PM the Facebook Page, my Twitter, or through my email.

Support Me

The Lily Cat is operated out of love and passion for fandoms and events. If you love what I do, you are free to support me by sending a cup of coffee. Patreon page is still a work in progress.