Pandesaii captured the hearts of many due to her beautiful art featuring girls crushing and falling in love with each other.

Based in the Philippines, Sai or known as Pandesaii, captured the hearts of many Yuri and GL fans due to her beautiful art featuring innocent girls crushing or falling in love with each other in a Filipino setting.

I discovered her works sometime during the height of the pandemic, and every single time I saw her art pass my feed, or on my timeline, I couldn’t help but spend a minute or two just admiring the warmness each art gives. I am so honored to be given this opportunity to ask her a few questions about her inspiring works of art.

The Lily Cat: Before I start with the questions, I want to let you know that I feel so ecstatic that I am doing this interview with you. I admit that I have been such a huge fan of your work for so long. Can you tell me how you started making art?

Pandesaii: Thank you so much for having me! It feels nice to be interviewed by someone really passionate about GL. I’ve been making art for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been that weird artist child, I never really excelled in academics and I have dyslexia which made writing and etc. hard for me.

Illustration was the only way I could express myself truly so I started taking it seriously very early. I’ve been painting since I was in grade school and started traditionally training from 6th grade until 4th year and went to art school after that.

The Lily Cat: Most of the art you share on your lovely FB page is mainly centered on Filipino girls’ love. I admit that it always gives me kilig vibes every time I see it on my feed. Has this been your main focus since?

Pandesaii: I didn’t really start drawing GL until college, I was originally aiming to be a concept artist for a big western company, it was my goal since childhood but as I grew older and learned more about myself and the industry, I started shifting my goals and art to what feels genuine to me. The lack of local Sapphic representation too made me sad and I’ve made illustrating more GL my goal since.

The Lily Cat: Every artist has an inspiration in doing what they love doing. I’m curious who or what inspired you to do these lovely creations?

Pandesaii: My main inspiration is mostly my gf/partner Ten, this might be shocking to some people but I’m not really the romantic type, I never took non-fiction love seriously until I met Ten. They gave me flowers, took me to dates, took care of me and they made me feel like I was genuinely in love for the first time in my life. The emotions that I show in my art are mostly from what I feel when I remember our good times.

Another inspiration was the things that I didn’t get to experience due to self-hatred and denial. I draw for my inner teen who never really had representation that could’ve helped me accept myself earlier, I also draw hoping that it can help a young Sapphic that’s currently struggling with their identity.

The Lily Cat: Has the pandemic affected you in a way in creating your art? Knowing that your GL works were made/published during a very tough time.

Pandesaii: The pandemic had a huge effect on me and my art. It arrived after I graduated college; when I was hoping that I can finally be free to explore the world and meet other people like me but the pandemic shackled me back to my childhood home, the place that I was trying to leave.

I used art as an escape. Harana, the piece that started it all was made through yearning. The huge time gaps between the works that I put out were also because of the pandemic. It’s been hard but I’m just currently hoping for the best.

The Lily Cat: I’m curious. What GL media (anime, manga, webtoon, and so on) are your faves at the moment?

Pandesaii: Ohh I’m not sure if I have new faves at the moment but I just recently caught up to Relationship Guidelines! I am absolutely in love with the art style and excited for the side stories. I’m also currently waiting for new updates of Whispering You A Love Song! While Opium, Getting to Know Grace, and Soul Mates are on my to-read list.

The Lily Cat: Anything you want to say to your growing followers? Also, where can they find you?

Pandesaii: Omg aaaa hello! Please give me some recommendations, I would love to explore more gl media and I hope ya’ll are doing well, you can also reach out to me mostly on Twitter and Instagram (@pandesaii) thank you so much for having me! Also please continue supporting local GL artist!

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By Serena