Happy Holidays from Your Fave GL Creators!

2019 was one awesome year for the Yuri fandom. What better way to add in more love into the yuletide season but by seeing our favorite GL series celebrating the holidays, getting ready for the new year.

This year we have spotted  a few of our GL content creators posting Christmas art related to their works and here they are.

What Does The Fox Say creator Team Gaji posted a Christmas art of both Sungji and Sumin together. Sumin is wearing a Santa outfit as she was lifted by Sungji wearing a Reindeer costume.


Also, the webtoon (which is published in Korean on Kakaopage) has recently ended. You can read the series officially in English on Tappytoon in both SFW and NSFW versions.

Thai GL manga and webtoon artist Ratana Satis posted a Christmas art in her official Facebook page. Featuring the main characters from hit GL works PulseLily Love, and Lily Love 2 – Frosty Jewel


The artist has recently teased art and characters of her upcoming GL series Soul Drifters.  Speaking of Pulse, you can preorder the 6th volume right now

Artist Darunni has also posted a Christmas on her official Facebook page featuring our two lovely girls from She’s A Keeper. 


She also has another ongoing webtoon series titled BABE! which you can read on WEBTOONShe’s A Keeper can be read on Webcomics.

Tan Jiu, creator of the popular Their Story / SQ Begin with Your Name series also posted a Christmas update on their Weibo page. Also, let’s not forget that December 25 is also Sun Jing’s birthday!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope your holidays have been great and may your 2020 be awesome.

‘Lily Love 2’ Returns on Friday, November 2!

It was announced on Thursday that Ratana Satis’ popular yuri webcomic series Lily Love 2 (Frosty Jewel) will return on Friday, November 2 on Lezhin Comics. The debut chapter of the series’ new season will be published on the webcomic platform at 10pm (Korean Standard Time). The announcement of the return also came with a teaser photo of the upcoming chapter:


The season 1 finale (Chapter 25) was released on September 28 which was then followed with an Epilogue containing an announcement by the artist confirming the one month hiatus.

The first series of Lily Love was released in 2015 and concluded in May 2017 originally released in Thai then in English. Ratana’s other successful work, Pulse also ended in the same year. Both series are available in Lezhin Comics. 
Physical copies of Lily Love and Pulse are also available for purchase. If you are interested, more info can be found on the artist’s official page.

‘Lily Love 2’ to Release on April 27!

More Yuri? Yes, more Yuri.

After a long wait, we can finally get to see Ice and Ploy as Lily Love 2 (Lily Love 2 ~Frosty Jewel~) by Ratana Satis will be released on April 27! 

The webcomic will be available to read and purchase (by chapter) on Lezhin Comics. The first series Lily Love was released in 2015 and concluded in May 2017. Ratana’s other successful work, Pulse also ended in the same year. Both series can also be read in the same platform.
Physical copies of Lily Love and Pulse are also available for purchase. If you are interested, more info can be found on the artist’s official page
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