What Does The Fox Say Chapter 64 Review – “Before I Let You Go, I Want to Say I Love You”

This is probably the most emotional and triggering chapter Team Gaji have ever concocted. Why you do this?! Like seriously. Spoilers ahead, guys. I don’t even know anymore.

The chapter begins with Sungji together with Dawoon inside her car. Our dear grey haired knight asked the blonde with concern if she was alright and not stressed out. Sungji told her a summary about what happened to her and Sumin in the office and about their break-up.

She was about to say something to Dawoon but she end up being silent and didn’t know what to utter. Dawoon gave our blonde a pat on the head and assured her that it’s alright. She suggested however that they should go out together for a week.

In the next panels, the reader is taken to a flashback of Sumin and Sungji taking selfies and the blonde appreciating the Team Leader’s aesthetics. Sumin, being older and experienced with relationships, finds it every awkward that women like Sungji enjoys taking a lot of pictures on their phone. The most notable statement by Sungji in this flashback is this: “At first, I was happy just by looking at you. But now I’m not sure how much I’ve come to like you even more.” She then ended her sentence with a kiss. This was also the moment when Sumin was already getting used to getting her picture taken or being in a selfie.

Back to the present panel, Sungji was going through cellphone pictures that have Sumin in them. After selecting one photo and was about to touch on ‘delete’, she then received a text message from Dawoon who was using a mobile text/chat app called chocotalk. 

We are then taken to Sumin who was in her bed while Seju was in the room with her. Sumin has had enough of being angry with Seju and rather stays silent. Seju once again told her that she loves her still. However, Sumin finally dropped the bomb that they couldn’t start over anymore because they were cowards who couldn’t even end things properly.


I thought I was going to be immune with the Team Gaji emo effect— I was wrong after all. I wasn’t even suppose to write about this review because I cried and a depressive episode came crawling in again after reading. However, I promised myself that I will still write about this regardless if I’m emotionally stable or not.

The flashback just hit hard and it was something to remind the readers that Sungji really admired Sumin for who she is. Just imagine Kim liking Chris from Miss Saigon*– that kind of thing. The part also made us realize that Sumin did appreciate it in the end regardless if it was a bit awkward on her part.

The part when Sumin was talking to Seju in the room together didn’t really give much impact for me. The last few panels however, did. Just take a look at Seju’s face when Sumin said that they can no longer start over. It was like her yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows all went down the drain. Damn.

Though hurt, I guess it was the best that Sumin should do to stop the continuing chaos. It’s not for certain what’s going to be ahead for these two. We could only wait for the next chapter.

I also realized that this was the first time since Dawoon’s debut in the webtoon that I didn’t really worship or appreciated her a lot. I was more focused on Sungji and Sumin in this chapter to be honest and hoping that at least they’ll be together again. Sumin called off Seju in the last panels (though it was so painful to read that) so she might make the efforts of winning Sungji back.

I may have said this already in my previous reviews, but Sumin really has to pick up the pace because it wont be long before Dawoon would probably take over the blonde’s heart (it can happen).

For the record, I’m not siding on Dawoon on this chapter. I still like her though. How I wish the next chapter won’t be another slow down because if you remove the triggering stuff for a bit, you would realize this chapter is kind of boring a bit. Nevertheless, it was good chapter. Not too grand, not too bad. It did trigger me so I give Team Gaji point for that.

*- Sorry if I used this as an example since it’s the only close enough characters that I can think of. Aside from that, I also watched the 25th Anniversary performance of Miss Saigon in the cinemas last week so yeah, blame it on that.

Oh yeah, I never left songs in my reviews yet so I’ll just leave this here. This also inspired my title for this review. Quite fits the current chapter. Till the next review~!

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