Finally after a couple of weeks of silence, I am back fueled with a lot of reviews to share. To make up with the lack of updates here in the blog, I decided to have a segment called The Triple Treat Three Series Review. Today I will be reviewing three yuri series in just one go starting with What Does The Fox Say.

What Does The Fox Say Chapter 65- A Cup of Americano and A Necktie

So in this chapter, we are first welcomed with a conversation with Sungji and Nami (God! How I missed this girl so much!). Our favorite blonde complimented her new hair only to find out it was actually hair extensions. So they had a heart to heart talk together which is mostly about Sumin and how Sungji is feeling. Nami admits that meeting up with her and Sumin would be really awkward now due to the break-up. Regardless of what is happening, Nami assures Sungji that if she needs someone to talk to, she can always call her. 
We are then taken to Sumin’s room as she is packing up for her business trip to Japan. As she went through her stuff, she noticed a dark blue aesthetic designed necktie in the closet realizing that it was actually from Sungji. Due to the sudden find, she decided to rest in her bed with the necktie covering her eyes.
Fast forward to her flight, Sumin remains glued to her cellphone hoping that a certain someone would check up on her and leave a message. Her workmate Miss Bong noticed this and asked if she was okay. This was the first time that Sumin will be far away from Sungji and wonders if she will be okay as she will be away from Korea. 
The plane finally took off and it seems that Sungji was able to see this as they went on a date together with Dawoon. In a coffee shop, Sungji ordered Americano coffee with 7 shots on impulse. This kind of startled Dawoon because Sungji was treating her. 
In the last few panels of the chapter, Sumin and Miss Bong arrived in Japan safely and in their hotel room. Sumin had absolutely no interest in sightseeing because she rather be somewhere else but back in Korea to hopefully fix things.

First off, this chapter is kind of bland for me– nothing critical and fancy about it. The only thing that seems interesting here is Sungji’s conversation with Nami. In that part alone, it’s obvious that Sungji is still unsure if finally letting go of Sumin is the best for her or going out with Dawoon would be the best for her to move on. I also liked how Nami is still there for them despite her busy schedule and everything between Team Blonde is still a huge mess. I really love her hair in this chapter and I really wish she would really let her hairstyle stay that way.
Let’s go to Sumin. Despite her busyness in packing up for her official business trip to Japan, she still had the time to marvel and appreciate the necktie that Sungji bought for her. Also, she kept holding and looking at her cellphone to check if she will at least get one message from Sungji before the flight takes off. 
Then to the Dawoon x Sungji date and coffee shop scene. Despite finally going out together, Dawoon still sensed that Sungji is still very distracted (well, you can help it because the break-up is still very fresh). The order of coffee was on impulse because if I remember correctly, this was the usual coffee Sumin orders.
Final Verdict

There’s nothing much to say about this chapter. Kind of good since the previous ones were emotionally triggering. This is a transition chapter to what’s about to unfold in the next one. 
What would that be you ask? We can only find out.
For now, have a Coffee Americano (it’s also one of my usual orders in coffee shops too). 😀
What Does The Fox Say Chapter 66 – “You Love Her, but Only On Your Own”

. << I was honestly this close to not making a review for this chapter… But I guess I don’t have a choice.
So Dawoon and Sungji went to the movies together. Though they were on a date, Sungji is still having that blank face of hers as she remembers her sweet moments with Sumin in the same venue. Dawoon went a bit too demanding when she asked Sungji to hold her hand.
After the movies, they went to a cafe. Sungji was sitting alone in the table while Dawoon had a sudden phone call. Once she got back, she immediately told Sungji the good news that she got hired by the restaurant she applied for. Somehow, the blonde girl seemed pre-occupied to notice and make an effort to congratulate her. Dawoon dropped a bomb and asked if Sungji was still thinking about her ex. Their conversation then shifted about the movie they’ve watched.
The next few panels were more Sungji and Dawoon scenes which are happier and less awkward unlike the previous ones. In the certain panels of this chapter (and also in the previous one), Sumin seems to look like she is present while the two are having fun (this will be explained a bit later during the Review section). 
Fast forward, Dawoon was with Sungji in her car. Our grey-haired knight enthusiastically told her that she will start work tomorrow. Finally focused, Sungji finally said her sincere congratulations. Dawoon smiled and she was happy to see Sungji smile ever since they started going out. Dawoon leaned closer to kiss Sungji. Aware that Sungji is still not ready to go intimate with her, she assured her to “give it a try first and think about it later”. As both of their lips touched, Sungji only imagines herself and Sumin kissing each other.
Meanwhile in Japan, Miss Bong and Sumin were busy going around the city. Our Team Leader stopped at a game machine which has a King Fox as the grand prize. With great determination, Sumin made a promise to herself that she will come back to that place in order to get it.
Now back to Sungji and Dawoon. Once again, Dawoon assures Sungji that she will “still wait a bit longer” until she is okay enough to start going out together. Sungji however, finally replied with a blunt sorry to indicate that this does not really work for her. Obviously hurt and realized that her high school friend was right, Dawoon told her that she might not be able to see each other again. Sungji told her that they will stay as friends as if nothing happened. Dawoon however admits that she can’t stay as friends because she sees Sungji as something more than that. The Grey knight leaves her and said her last goodbye with a broken heart.
Meanwhile in Hello Studio, Seju was answering a call which is related to the job applicants for the company. She then dropped the call and said to herself that “There’s nothing that’s going to change”. Upon leaving the place, she did not realize that someone was actually watching her earlier.

Oh wow, how do I even begin this review? Do I need to flip a table first?
This is technically a Dawoon x Sungji chapter with a VERY hurtful ending. Sungji imagining Sumin being there while she and Dawoon are dating is an obvious indication that she can’t move on yet and she obviously loves the Team Leader so much. 
In my previous reviews, I admired Dawoon since her first appearance and I appreciated to how she was so devoted and caring for Sungji. This chapter however seemed to show us a side of her that is in the borderline of being desperate. It’s understandable that she loves Sungji, but she should at least not force her to do things her way. Her kissing Sungji in her car was one part of the chapter that I didn’t like for some reason. Yes, I’m “Team Grey” but I just didn’t like to how Dawoon is making everything so fast that it’s just making Sungji uncomfortable.
I can’t really tell if Seju is trying to get away from all this or still hanging on. I hope it’s the former– but I seriously had enough of seeing her getting stuck in predicaments caused by both her family and love problems. I hope she can finally make her own independent decisions without anybody standing her way. 
I am starting to see a little of hope on Sumin. In this chapter, she makes an effort to get the King Fox as a gift for Sungji. Let’s hope that her efforts are really going to pay off in the end.
Then we go to Dawoon. I’m sorry but regardless if Dawoon was a bit rushing on her feelings towards Sungji, it’s just hurtful to see that someone you like never really liked or loved you the same way. If we put it in the context of Les Miserables, Sungji is like Marius, Sumin is Cosette, and Dawoon is Eponine. Though it never really showed, it was obvious that Dawoon was hurt in the end. 
We may not know when we’ll be able to see her again, but I hope the rejection doesn’t trigger anything worse. I’m hopeful that they will be friends again in due time.
To end this review, I’ll leave this here in honor of brave Grey Knight, Kim Dawoon. RIP Team Grey (2016-2016).
So there you have it, folks! Two chapters in one pod. Stay updated on the site and the Facebook page for I will be reviewing Chapter 67 next! 🙂
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