Seven Seas Entertainment Releases ‘Regarding Saeki Sayaka’ Final Volume and ‘Syrup: A Yuri Anthology Vol. 2’

Seven Seas Entertainment has two Yuri releases this month, namely Bloom Into You (Light Novel): Regarding Saeki Sayaka Vol. 3 and Syrup: A Yuri Anthology Vol. 2.  Both releases are now available in both physical and digital.

The third volume of Regarding Saeki Sayaka is now the final volume of the light novel series, while Syrup: A Yuri Anthology Vol 2. features works by Yoshimurakana (Murciélago), Kodama Naoko (NTR: Netsuzou Trap), and Milk Morinaga (Girl Friends, My Cute Kitten, Kisses Sighs and Cherry Blossom Pink), and more.

About The Final Volume of Regarding Saeki Sayaka


Saeki Sayaka is no stranger to unrequited love. What she’s not used to is having someone confess their feelings for her—until Edamoto Haru, an underclassman, does exactly that in Sayaka’s second year of college. Haru is forward and unhesitating in her affections, the opposite of cautious, reserved Sayaka—but if she can find the courage to reach back, this time, she might find what she’s been waiting for all along.

The first volume was released on Feb 11,  and the second volume was released on August 11.

About Syrup: A Yuri Anthology Vol. 2. 


Secret love is sweeter! The second volume of this popular yuri anthology goes dark, with stories about love between women that’s hidden, unrequited, fantasy-based, or even taboo. Explore the forbidden side of love with new and returning artists in Volume 2 of SYRUP.

The first volume of Syrup was released in English on August 11. The third volume is scheduled to be released on April 20, 2021.

Two awesome releases for the Holiday season. What better way to end the year with something nice. Be sure to grab a copy of each today!

Source: Seven Seas Entertainment

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The Unforgettable Cute Pair of Mari and Akko from ‘Girl Friends’

This feature is made possible by: Yuri/GL Philippines
To officially kick-off The Lily Cat Pride Month Special, I will be featuring this cute pair in which is still on top of my favorite yuri manga pairings, it’s none than Mari and Akko from Milk Morinaga’s yuri manga masterpiece, Girl Friends.
The Manga that Opened the Fandom Floodgates

I started reading the Girl Friends manga when I was in first or second year of college. This was that particular period of my life when I got back to be hyped in yuri and splurged into different sources to read them. Aside from reading various fanfiction under this genre, it was in Girl Friends where I learned to get sources on where to read and buy manga and get the most updated info as possible.
It’s funny that as I’m writing this now, I remember my first yuri blog (which is now defunct). Imagine this: that particular blog was mostly dedicated to the updates of Girl Friends. Twitter wasn’t really a thing yet so I rely on various yuri sites, forums, and even image boards to get info about it.
About The Manga

Girl Friends is a popular yuri manga series by Milk Morinaga (morimilmil in Twitter. She also has an Instagram account too). The story is quite simple: it’s first centered on an ordinary nerdy girl named Mari Kumakura which is sort of aloof and doesn’t really talk much with her classmates. Then enter the talkative and fashionable Akko Oohashi in the picture. The two became very close. Mari, who never really cared about fashion or dress up became so interested in it. As her friendship grew with Akko, she then realizes that she developing feelings which more than just friendship.
The Fluff, The Story, and Development

What I really like about this manga is the slowly-but-surely pacing which comes out beautifully in the end. The situations that both Mari and Akko face are something that you can relate to. Of course you can never stop a person developing a deep connection to someone who is very important to her and giving her a better outlook in life.
I was one of those people who squealed in the couple of chapters where Mari was slowly growing feelings for Akko and Akko thought it was all nothing but girly friendship fun. During the chapters where it was centered on Akko, this is where I felt that the story slowed down a bit. It took Akko a loooong time to finally get to her emotions that she loves Mari and did all the efforts to confess and date her best friend. But all-in-all the story ended on a good note with the second to the last chapter and the final chapter as my favorite parts of the manga.
The Yuri Magic of Milk Morinaga

Hands down– Milk Morinaga is my favorite yuri manga artist because it was in her works like Girl Friends, Kisses, Sighs, and Cherry Blossom Pink, and so on that taught me that fluff and innocent yuri romance will always get you in the feels every time.
Mari and Akko are just two of the popular yuri characters that I think a lot of yuri fans can relate to. As you flip through the pages, you can feel to how real the emotions are by how much detail the artist put on every page.
Since then, I look forward to any of her projects. Hopefully (I can dream), I will be able to meet her and give my thanks for her works made me such a devoted fan to the genre until this day.
An Unforgettable Yuri Pair

Lately, yuri series are more about sex, taking off their clothes, and have obvious plots which end up having the two characters to get it on in bed. For Mari and Akko, it’s just totally different. You can feel how pure and innocent these girls are for each other and that every time I have the chance to read the manga again, the feels always get me every freaking time.
If you haven’t read Girl Friends yet, I highly suggest that you get yourself a copy. Believe me, these two are just completely cute together and it would surely tug your hearts for more fluffy yuri love.
What do you guys think of Girl Friends? Leave it in the comments~!

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Top 5 Manga Most Yuri Fans Started Out

When it comes to the Yuri genre, manga is one of the popular forms of medium that every fan can go and splurge on. Due to the scarcity of Yuri anime back in the day (and subtexts aren’t enough), it is in Yuri manga where you can satisfy your feels for all things cute, fluffy, and romantic things between girls.

Every fan has to start somewhere so let’s go back to memory lane and find out the Top 5 Manga most yuri fans first read in their younger or starting out years.

A week ago, I opened up a small poll in the Yurifanatics Confessions Facebook group where I asked the group members to list and select the first Yuri manga series they’ve ever read. The results were very interesting and here are the top five that got the most votes.

Number 5 – Maria Sama Ga Miteru

Maria Sama Ga Miteru was first released as a light novel series and had its own manga and anime adaptations as the years went on. Popularly known for its shortcut name Marimite, Maria Sama Ga Miteru is a series centered around the students in the Lillian Girls’ Academy. The manga had a total of nine volumes which were originally released from 2003 to 2010.

The time when I heard about Marimite was from its anime adaptation which was also the same period when I heard about Kannazuki no Miko (another popular Yuri anime) so it took me a while to get into reading the chapters. Aside from its manga volume releases, a series of one-shots were also published between those years and they were worth a read especially if you don’t have any backlogs.

This manga is innocent. Too innocent to the fact that it’s an ideal Yuri series to start with. The only thing that I cannot forget is the Yamayuri Council or the Yamayurikai. 

Number 4 – Octave

Octave is a manga series created by Haru Akiyama and was published in 6 tankoubon volumes by Kondansha from 2008 to 2010.
One thing that I can never forget about  Octave is that it’s the first manga I’ve read that dealt with situations that any person can relate to in real life. Moving in together, social non-acceptance, the urges to make out with the one you love and have sex, conflict of interest, moving on to a new beginning, and so on. I also loved how the characters are drawn and this is the first mature Yuri manga I’ve read. It had a satisfying ending for me and just seeing Setsuko and Yukino just bring a great wave of nostalgia. A former idol member and a former songwriter. One of the best Yuri OTP’s in my book.
Number 3 – Strawberry Panic

The Strawberry Panic manga chapters were published monthly in Japan from 2005 to 2007. Similar to Marimite, I was introduced to the anime adaptation first before getting into its other mediums like the manga, light novel, and its audio CDs. I appreciated this series probably because of its steady story line and the very intimate relationships between the characters. Though I prefer Kannazuki no Miko over this one, this series is still good to watch and read.
Number 2 – Girl Friends

If there’s one manga that I was so obsessed with back in college, it would definitely be Girl Friends. I’m not surprised why this got into second place and why a lot of people loved this so much.
Girl Friends is a manga series by Milk Morinaga and one of her most successful work. The story is about an introverted studious girl named Mari who suddenly became friends with her outgoing and fashion-obsessed classmate Akko. Mari was able to gain more confidence in herself because of Akko and got to know her little by little. It was not long until she realizes that the way she sees her new best friend was actually more than that. The manga was so popular that it even had a Drama CD starring the voices of Aya Endo and Mikoi Sasaki as Akko and Mari respectively.
This manga is just so sweet and good to read. Hands down. Mari and Akko are one of my top Yuri OTPs and they still are regardless of the many manga and webtoon characters that are popping up lately. Morinaga really knows how to grab the soft side of every Yuri fan. The ending of the manga was indeed perfect. So if you have a friend who is asking for starting Yuri recommendations, please let them start with Girl Friends. It’s worth it.
Number 1 – Citrus

How am I not surprised! Ever since this manga got its international hype, I noticed that more and more people have been “converted” into the wonderful world of Yuri (no complaints here). The story of Citrus is quite simple: we’ve got the upbeat extroverted girl Yuzu and a serious and authoritative girl named Mei. Put those two together in random school and slice-of-life situations and you’ve got yourselves a semi-chaotic yet very cute couple. Oh! I almost forgot one little bit: they are stepsisters.
Whenever someone asks for Yuri recommendations, I don’t really say Citrus right away since there are some scenes that are either NSFW or not good for younger Yuri fans. Unlike the the previous four titles that were mentioned, Citrus is still ongoing with a new chapter coming out next month. This popular series also has a Drama CD which covers pretty much the first volume of the manga.
So there you have it folks! I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people in the Yurifanatics Confessions group for taking part in the small poll I made. This article feature wouldn’t be possible without your inputs. What was your first Yuri manga you’ve read? Leave a comment! 

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