Pre-Order Lily Love Volume 4 English Edition Today!


While Lily Love 2 – Frosty Jewel is ongoing in Lezhin, you can now get yourself a physical copy of the fourth volume of Ratana Satis’ Lily Love! You can pre-order your copy today until November 25.

One book purchase is priced at USD $21 (including shipping). If you are looking for a case to fit all your Lily Love volumes, a soft box is also available priced at USD $3.

Lily Love is one of Ratana Satis’ first successful GL work before her webtoon hit masterpiece Pulse. The series was first released in Thai and was later available for English. It centers on two different girls Donut and Mew as their closeness slowly begins intimate. Their relationship is encountered with a lot of hurdles and doing their best efforts to be there for each other.

While the first Lily Love is centered on Donut and Mew, its second installment Lily Love 2 – Frosty Jewel is centered on Ploy and Ice. Lily Love 2 has just started its second season. Lily Love is also available digitally in Lezhin Comics.

Source: Ratana Satis (Facebook Page)


Riho Iida to Perform in Cosplay Mania JAM Concert in the Philippines

*insert internal screaming here*
It’s official– Riho Iida (the singer and seiyuu of Love Live‘s Rin Hoshizora) is performing in the Cosplay Mania JAM Concert this October! Iida is also known for her nickname “Rippi”. 

This year’s JAM (Japanese Anime Music) is a collaboration between Cosplay Mania and AFA – ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA‘s Anisong which makes this one of the most anticipated anime and cosplay convention to go to this year.
As an attendee of the said convention since 2014, I would definitely say that this year’s Cosplay Mania is worth going to (and worth the wait if you live outside of Manila). With all-star guests and various events for you to take part, it’ll be one epic weekend you will never forget.
For more announcements related to Cosplay Mania, like their Facebook page. You may also like the official page for the JAM Concert here
Source: Link 
**Riho Iida poster (from Cosplay Mania page)
**Riho Iida picture (from the Love Live! wikia page)

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HonoCar – A Love Live Mini Game

Love Live is serious business even until this day. Due to the immense hype, fans create their own content based from the series that range from doujins, fanfictions, song covers, and even fan-made video games.


Thanks to one of my friends, he shared a link of what appears to be a Love Live fan-made mini game which features one of the main protagonists Honoka… and cars.

Playing “HonoCar” is easy. You just need to prevent Honoka from hitting the blue cars using the left and right buttons on your keyboard. If you love Honkers a lot, then this game is for you (the art is cute and I really liked the rolling Kotobird when you entered the link for the first time).

This game is quite entertaining especially if you’re waiting for your downloads to be done or you’re just completely bored during the day. You can play the game here and honk your way to reach a high score!

Update: I also forgot to add that if you click on Chibi Eli, you’ll be able to play her aside from Honkers.

A big thanks to Nikko A. for this epic sauce! XD 

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Hello! First Post!

Why Hello there, Stranger!

You have stumbled upon a website that will soon be filled with content related to anything under the sun. A multi-fandom blog dedicated to anime, manga, yuri, video games, musicals, toys, and so on. Join me with tons of updates and discuss on things that make us tick!
Though this first post is short, I hope you get to stop by here every now and then. 
Now I shall leave you with one of my favorite Yuri couples at the moment: Nozomi Tojo and Ayase Eli from Love Live!
No explanation needed. I just love these two.

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