As of this writing, the support for Adobe Flash is dead. Effective December 31, 2020, it is encouraged that you must uninstall all plugins that are linked to Adobe Flash to protect your system.

Just knowing this news feels really odd for me. I grew up browsing the internet and enjoying everything about Adobe Flash even during the dial-up connection days. The transitions, movement, and sound–everything. It was one of those features that I look forward to on every website I visited. Even small fansites that are run by Angelfire and Geocities also jumped in putting Flash elements on their pages.

While people remember Flash due to the games and other fun things, I remember it as one of those ways to share stories. This story in particular was officially part of my childhood. So let me tell you about The Doll Maker.

The Doll Maker was a story made simply in Adobe Flash by an artist named Dan Kim. I have been following his work since high school particularly for his Tomoyo42’s Room webcomic (Just a small note that the comic is NSFW and it could be uncomfortable for some people.)

Another Note: Don’t worry, I’m going to explain further how I got into this kind of hell hole way back in the next blog. Don’t worry. 

While some of his works were mostly dark and edgy at times, The Doll Maker was the opposite of what he commonly does, and I guess that is why this is memorable. I guess was really caught me into this story is the narration and the music that go along well with this simple story.

I had the Flash file in one of my archives for a long time. I went back to the artist’s site to look for the original link and I think it’s nowhere to be found. I decided to upload it for everyone to watch.

Watching this again at present makes me feel nostalgic. I visited the site and checked out his Twitter and he seems to be living the dream now.

I just feel happy that I got to see and listen to this story again. Quite timing as we are still not out of the woods of this pandemic yet. As for me, I’m going back to those things I love way back to keep myself happy emotionally and mentally.

Take care of yourself. Also, RIP Shockwave and Adobe Flash. You will be forever missed.

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By Serena

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