This is a GL web novel in Lezhin titled “Suhee”

While a lot of us splurge into the creativity and thrill of GL/Yuri webtoons, manhwa, and webcomics, web novels have also paved way for fans to find a different avenue to enjoy the genre and love it even more.

Sometimes as much as we want to keep such a medium going for the benefit of yuri and GL fans, it all boils down to earnings and profits. Such services or medium require money to keep going. Although there are some people who support these, it is just not enough to give such entity enough to keep it afloat.

This is what is happening to Lezhin Entertainment at the moment. In case you are not aware, they are closing down its web novel service effective October 1st. If you go through the Twitter feeds that discusses about this issue, they have been word spreading that the web novel writers were not fully informed about the closure while some of the followers and fans were left hanging on what is going on and what would be fate of these series in the end.

So before they are officially closing down, let us give a tribute to these Lezhin GL web novels. Each will contain the title, the name of the author, and the name of the artist. Please note that I don’t know Korean and I use a third-party web plugin to translate them so inaccuracies are expected. 

Some of the web novels here no longer have information available in Lezhin’s KR site due to they have “expired”. However, if you know any more information about the GL web novels, never hesitate to leave a comment or contact me through email reitsukikage(at) Since Lezhin KR will be taking down these series, I have already made an effort to preserve them via Wayback Machine.

“My Babe” / “My Bibi”

나의 비비

Author: Banrieul / Artist: Cheumji
“Relationship Between S and S” 

S와 S의 관계

Author: SIRIUS /Artist: Roche
“Move Me”

무브 미(Move Me)

Author: Monggaba / Artist: Ns
“False Witness”


Author: Gonghyoeun / Artist: Jindy
“Solar Eclipse”

솔라 이클립스

Author: SIRIUS / Artist: Osekpungdeng
“Kidnapping Jonjal”

존잘님을 납치했다

Author: Oilssarah / Artist: Yoodok
“Lily in Joseon”

조선에 핀 백합

Author: Spacewhale / Artist: Cheumji
“Devil Get Debt”

악마는 신세를 입는다

Author: Bomssal / Artist: Ggoolgangaji
“Bad Flower”

나쁜 꽃

Author: Nappunsaram / Artist: Jindy
“Sleeping with Muse”
뮤즈와 새장에 잠들다
Author: Leehoran / Artist: Baenin
“Summer Cicada”
여름 매미 우는 소리
Author: Jakeunhyung / Artist: Now
“Salt and Sugar”
소금소금 말랑말랑

Author/Artist: Leehoran
“Access, Handcuffs, Rabbit”

접속, 수갑, 토끼

Author: Jungminsik / Artist: Sobangcha
“Am I Selling My Body”
“Kill First Love”
“Show Window”
“White Spring”
Regardless of Lezhin’s closure of the service, I hope that the authors and artists of these series will find a better platform service or a different media form in order to reach even more yuri fans. Hopefully, they will be able to get translated in English as well. 
Like this tribute? Is there some information that you want? Never hesitate to leave in the comments.

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By Serena

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  1. I am really interested in Web Novels, any chance you know some Yuri good ones that are in English?
    (Awesome tribute though)

  2. Maybe too late, but would you mind if I ask.. there any possible chance I could read these web novels?

    1. Hi! As far as I know, there is still none that I have heard of. But I’ll keep my eyes peeled for it. 🙂 Thank you for dropping a reply!

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