Update: Back and Happy!

Hello! It’s been a while.

I know I promised a few things that are expected to launch here in The Lily Cat but unfortunately, personal stuff came in and I got involved in some projects at work.

I don’t want to make this long, but let me make this very clear—I’m back and happy!

So what’s going to happen next? Well, expect more Card Captor Sakura stuff on this site again. Plus, expect an article on What Does The Fox Say, some tips, and thoughts in between.

The site will be celebrating its anniversary next month. As of this writing, I still don’t have anything planned. But if ever something comes up, I’ll let you all know about it.

A lot of stuff happened since I was away, and I am very happy to be back all positive and hopeful. I’ll probably write about this soon (or in my podcast)… but please, stick around. More awesome stuff here in The Lily Cat very soon.


Aaaand since you are here, I would like to promote my fam, Yuri/GL Philippines. Please do join our community! Also, I have a passion project in the works with a few friends. So please do look forward to that as well.  Please stay safe and healthy.

[Site Update] The Lily Cat – Bringing You More!

2020 hasn’t been a good start for the world. However, I am happy enough to give you some little updates for this small site if ever you are a regular or someone new who just dropped by.

Since 2016, The Lily Cat has been my personal site to share news, reviews, and features to you. As days go by and more stuff that has been happening in both community and fandoms, it has reached the point that it has become a bit overwhelming and I just don’t know which ones should I write. A majority of my write-ups since the site’s first year are still in drafts and I am not even sure when I’ll be able to finish those.

When I was in Cebu, I had a roundtable discussion with some people and it went into something like “what is the main focus on my content?” I then told the person like The Lily Cat is a yuri blog. However, I was in Cebu to cover a cosplay event and it had absolutely nothing to do about Yuri in general. So I had those thoughts of slowly transferring some of my non-yuri content and other fandoms to another page.

After going through some things with my hosting provider, I am happy to share that I already have a subdomain for The Lily Cat’s “other content”. I cannot share much yet but look forward to it. I’m still ironing up some stuff before I can officially launch it.

However, if you are curious about what’s going to happen or be one of the first people to know about this project, you may consider supporting me through Ko-Fi or Patreon. Rest assured that any tier or donation would give you early access to what I’m working on behind the scenes (+ WIP features!). As always, the site will remain free to access for everyone.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you, dear readers, for dropping by. I’m happy enough to share that I have gotten my life back little by little so expect a couple of contents here (and in the new project) very single week. In case you’re not aware, my Podcast episodes are now up on Spotify (I stopped uploading on YouTube due to copyright concerns).

The Lily Cat is back, my fam! Better than ever!

Four Years Ago, A Cat Found A Lily

Four years ago, I started The Lily Cat as a small place where I can share my love for yuri. As the years go by, I have written news, reviews, and just completely everything that sparks my interests. To date, the site has reached more than 100,000+ website views with unique visits almost everyday (even at times when I don’t have many updates).

I still can’t believe that I have lasted this long. I had a lot of shit that has happened recently. I am starting to sound like a broken record so I would no longer elaborate on this any longer. But with the help of my friends and the people who still visit this place, it kept me going.

Thank You. It’s because of awesome people like you, The Lily Cat still continues to where it is today. 

2020 for The Lily Cat is going to be a lot different. I have finally made a decision to let go of some money-earning projects to focus on this site more. I realized that I have become more focused on other things that it almost made me forget what that makes me happy: and it’s to write about yuri, to write about experiences, and to share what’s happening to where I am. Next year it’s all going to be just that. Everything is still not set in stone yet 

Expect more reviews and more antics from now on. Actually I was thinking of doing webtoon reviews again. I stopped doing them due to the DMCA reports that people are getting way back. But I think the waters are safe in doing these now. I am also now catching up on some series too. There has been some GL-related content that I was able to watch a few months ago so I’ll be writing about them here very soon.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank the people that I have met while doing stuff for The Lily Cat. Special mention to the following people: Jay Agonoy of keepsakes., Yuri/GL Philippines, Cebu Cosplay Event Buzzer Gary Montejo,  The Yuri Empire, and Okazu. These guys inspired me and there are not enough words to express how much I am very thankful for giving me and hopeful, eventful, and yuri-ful year.

The Lily Cat will remain as a passion project for me and always will be. However, if you love what I do, you may consider tipping me for a cup of coffee or support me through my newly-approved Patreon page.  Any amount of help you give me would definitely help the site’s growth (and of course more stuff for y’all).

Happy Holidays and I am wishing your 2020 will be as awesome as this year.

Let me end this post with one of the songs I’ve been listening to lately. It’s the tribute version of I could be the one by Avicii and Nicki Romero. The beautiful tribute concert can be watched here.


The Lily Cat Podcast Episode 3 – What happened?

Hello guys, long time no post.

After so long, a new podcast is up. Sadly, this ain’t a happy one. In this emotional podcast episode, I talk about what happened to me over the past couple of months and recently and what the future would be for the site.

If you love this episode, you may consider supporting me through my ko-fi page.  You can check the previous episodes here.

[Blog Update] Thank You for the Support!

Hello Everyone! This is Serena.

Just a day left before 2018 ends and I am still very thankful for the support in relation to the previous post that I made. The Ko-Fi donations were spent on the hosting fit for a couple of months. Rest assured that I am financially stable enough to pay for the other stuff. I’ll get by.  😉 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people who donated coffee to keep this site alive: Catalinal.r.hale, and Katestheo. 

My ko-fi page is still active if you still wish to help me out on The Lily Cat and my other related projects. My plans for 2019 will be more on covering more Yuri/GL medium and review them. I want to get into reviewing yuri games. More weekly articles and updates. Also, I want to get more into covering the local convention scene here in the Philippines (and hopefully out of the country). 

I also realized that that the site is now officially 3 years old! Wow, how time flies. After this realization, I’m more motivated to write more about the things I love for you guys. 

If you wish to contact me for anything (collabs, sponsorships, just about anything), you are free to do so by emailing me at reitsukikage(at)gmail(dot)com. 

Thank you so much for the three awesome years so far. Hope your 2019 will be as great as this year. 🙂 


[Blog Update] Emergency Funding Needed

Hello this is Serena. Hope you had a good holiday.

As 2018 is nearing to a close, I was bombarded with a reminder from my host that this blog is set to expire soon. It was stupid of me to forgot about this and it have come to a realization that I don’t have any extra funds to pay for my blog’s hosting. 

I thought I am confident enough to fund it but as time went on, I had more projects on my end which required me to spend on them. I know I have been very irregular with this blog. Active for the whole month then go inactive after then active again. However, I love sharing yuri news and reviews to you guys so I will continue to do this while I’m still capable to do so. 

I am reaching out to this post again for your little support for the site by buying me a cup of coffee. Your help will definitely go a long way and I will continue to do my thing for the love of yuri and otaku culture as a whole.

For supporters, please email me (reitsukikage (at) gmail (dot) com) so I can say my thanks (and maybe I can help you in return). 🙂

Thank you and hope you have a Happy Holidays!