Event Report – Otakufest 2020 CEBU Day 1

Otakufest 2020 Stage featuring The Lily Cat logo on the LED

Otakufest is one of Cebu City’s popular anime, cosplay, and hobby conventions. It is also the first highlight event to kickstart the various upcoming cosplay and anime events in the city.

The popularity of Otakufest has grown over the years. Now on its 13th year, cosplayers and attendees coming from different parts of the country travel to the Queen City of the South just to attend the weekend. I am one of those people and I have to say, day one of Otakufest was awesome!

The venue for this year’s Otakufest is still the same as last year, which is at SM Seaside Cebu. The final venue was announced just a few days before the convention weekend due to some factors as mentioned in their FAQ here. Regardless, the organizers have Otakufest still put a great show offering some cool mini-events and contest that everyone can enjoy.

After realizing it, this is the first cosplay convention that I have attended this year and indeed it was a good kickoff.

While going through the entrance area of the official event venue (which is the Maze garden), me and my fellow media partner Gary Montejo first went to another side of the mall to cover the meet and greet of International guest cosplayers DD Tenka and Hikarin. As per instruction by the Otakufest organizers, we were not allowed to take videos of the Q and A portion. However, we took pics of how it went. Prints and merch of the guests were also available on sale. Those who got the meet-and-greet package will be able to get their prints signed and half a photo-op. This is also the time when I have finally met with Jay Agonoy of keepsakes. Almost for the rest of the day, I tagged along with both Gary and Jay taking pictures of what is happening on the epic first day. Here are some of my favorite photos.

The rest of the day I have met up and passed by some known cosplayers like GICOF 2019 winner Sergio Sta. Ana, saw the WCS PH 2019 Reps Team Class S, WCS PH 2017 Rep Pirate Ellie, Sean Price, and King Rusydi (who had cosplay crafting workshop). I had a roundtable podcast discussion with Jay and Max of UNITY Productions on the discussion of an Esports Curriculum in the Philippines. And yes, I will not forget meeting again idol group PASTEL MIX. I bought their awesome lightstick!

I ended my day with the team eating at Chowking. Coincidently, we sat on the same area in which we had our first hangout together in Otakufest 2019.

There is still more stuff to share but I would like to let people know that it was all positive. Otakufest 2020 Day 1 was awesome and I am looking forward to what’s going to happen on Day 2 as the Central Visayas Qualifiers of the World Cosplay Summit Philippines will be held.

Congratulations to Otakufest and let’s keep the fun going on Day 2!

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Cosplay, Games, and Fun are Happening at Otakufest 2020 in Cebu!

The first quarter of anime events in Cebu City will officially start this weekend with the most popular and long-running anime, cosplay, and hobby convention Otakufest! The said event will be happening on February 22 and 23, 2020 at SM Seaside, Cebu City. This is the 13th season and one of Cebu City’s longest-running otaku conventions. The theme for this convention is Studio Ghibli.

This year’s Otakufest will be one awesome weekend for anime fans, cosplayers, and hobbyists alike as a lot of events, programs, workshops, and competitions await everyone who will be joining in the fun. National and International cosplay guests like Hikarin, Pirate Ellie (WCS PH 2017 Representative) , Ae Ri Cosplay, DD Tenka, Sean Price, and King Rusydi will also be in the event and looking forward to meet their fans. Aside from our cosplay guests, awesome groups will also be present this year to perform like Juan Paasa (Summoning Eruand idol group PASTEL MIX.

Otakufest will also be the venue for the highly-anticipated Central Visayas Qualifiers of the World Cosplay Summit Philippines. The winner of this qualifier will compete in the World Cosplay Summit Philippines Grand Finals which will be announced soon.

A complete list of workshops, mini-events, and competitions can be found in the Otakufest official Facebook Page.  You may also check the page for their FAQ and more information.

About Otakufest

Photo from Otakufest Official Website
Photo taken during Otakufest 2019. Photo by The Lily Cat

Otakufest, formally UP Otakufest, was first conceptualized in 2007 as a simple dream to organize an annual event for anime fans and cosplayers. In 2017, it had a record of more than 5,000 attendees and is considered as one of the most highly anticipated anime and hobby conventions in Cebu City.

See you all in Otakufest Cebu 2020 at SM Seaside! It’s going another awesome weekend of awesome fun!

The Lily Cat is an official Media Partner of Otakufest 2020.

Team Australia Wins WORLD COSPLAY SUMMIT 2019 Championships

This year’s World Cosplay Summit Championship was a Quest Completed for Team Australia as they bagged the Champion title. The team composes of AmenoKitarou (A.K. Wirru) and K Cosplay cosplaying player characters from the popular video game Monster Hunter World.

Second place went to Team USA cosplaying from the series Bloodborne while Team France bagged the Third Place cosplaying characters from the series Hyrule Warriors. 

Team Philippines (Team Class S cosplaying  from the series Sengoku Night Blood) was able to make it to the Top 24.

Congratulations to all the representatives for this year!

Video Credits: ElVortexOficial (Youtube)

World Cosplay Summit 2018 Podcast with keepsakes. and The Lily Cat

It’s been a week since the World Cosplay Summit and I have to admit it was quite a ride. From covering the PH Preliminaries grand finals in Davao until the grand finals in Nagoya, JapanContinue reading “World Cosplay Summit 2018 Podcast with keepsakes. and The Lily Cat”

Team Mexico Wins World Cosplay Summit 2018!

Team Mexico composed of the “Banana Brothers” Ed and Luis bagged the FIRST PLACE of the World Cosplay Summit Championship 2018 held in Nagoya, Japan on Sunday, August 5.  They both cosplayed the iconic Street Fighter characters Chun Li and Dhalsim in a perfect video game fighting skit performance!


Aside from winning the first place, they have also bagged the following awards from the different partners and sponsors of the this prestigious competition: the AirAsia Award,  Laguna Ten Bosch Award, Futaba Award, Rinn Award, and the Niconico Viewer’s Choice Award.

Team Indonesia bagged the runner-up place as they cosplayed characters from Warriors Orochi3 while Team Thailand won third place as they portrayed characters from Monster Hunter World.

This year’s World Cosplay Summit was quite an interesting year and all the participants have given their all. Congratulations to everyone!


WCS Video footage source: ElVortexOficial

WCS 2017 Winner Team China are Judges for World Cosplay Summit 2018!

It was confirmed that the World Cosplay Summit 2017 champions Team China composed of Xue Yan Xue and Tian Tian are part of the panel of judges for this year’s World Cosplay Summit 2018. Continue reading “WCS 2017 Winner Team China are Judges for World Cosplay Summit 2018!”

A ‘Citrus’ Anime Tarpaulin was on Display in this year’s Ozine Fest 2018

Here’s something interesting that happened in Ozine Fest 2018 in the Megatrade Halls (SM Megamall). It seems that a tarpaulin featuring a visual of Mei and Yuzu Aihara from Citrus anime was put on display during the convention. There have been reports from congoers claim that the mentioned tarpaulin was auctioned and was sold to an unidentified person for 1,000php (around 20USD).

This isn’t the first time Ozine have hold auctions like this. In fact, one of the most notable printed tarpaulins that the event auctioned way back was a picture of Hestia from Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon sold at 5,000k. The winning bid has caused mixed opinions by online netizens and in the Philippine congoers. There was even a tarpaulin that was sold for even more than that.

Citrus was aired for a total of 12 episodes from January 6 to March 24, 2018. It is based from the popular yuri manga series of the same name created by Saburouta from November 17, 2012 and still ongoing.

*Photo (above) credits to Xavier Allen Cruz. Used with permission.

Notice: The Lily Cat will continue to confirm the information regarding this and will update the soonest.

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Team Saui Wins World Cosplay Summit Philippines National Finals, to Represent the Country in Nagoya, Japan in August

Finally, the official Philippine representatives have been chosen. 

Team Saui, WCS NCR Representative wins the World Cosplay Summit Philippines National Finals which happened during the Nippon Industrial and Cultural Exchange today, April 29 at the Almendras Gym in Davao City. The pair portrayed characters from Sengoku Basara.
The runner-up team is won by Team Deathmatch cosplaying characters from the series Monster Hunter.
The champion for the National Finals will be the official Philippine representatives for the World Cosplay Summit which will be held in Nagoya, Japan in August.
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Nippon Industrial and Cultural Exchange – Day 2 in Davao Report, World Cosplay Summit Philippines- National Finals to Happen TODAY

Day 2 of Nippon Industrial and Cultural Exchange in Davao City was full of activities from inside the venue (Almendras Gym) until the outside of it.

Main highlights were demos from the Aikido, Karate, and Kendo groups of Davao with some presentations from the different sponsors and exhibitors on the main stage. A Tekken tournament and a walk-in cosplay contest called “Cosplay Pop-up” also happened.
International Cosplayer Reika and WCS-Korea alumnus Tae Yeon were also there to witness the event as special guests and judges for the World Cosplay Summit Philippines National Finals which will be held TODAY April 29.
The Lily Cat will continue to provide updates of World Cosplay Summit Philippines National Finals as well as Day 3 report of Nippon Industrial and Cultural Exchange here in Davao City.
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After an epic travel escapade to Manila to attend GENDARE last June, I will be attending another event but this time just in the same island to where I’m staying currently. So I’ll be at Day 3 (Sunday) of Mindanao Cyber Expo 2017 which will be held at The Annex, SM City Davao.

There will be LAN Party, eSports, Tech Exhibits, and Cosplay. I made the decision to travel on a whim because I haven’t attended a Davao con and hopefully I can meet some online friends there and get some cool stuff. This is also a challenge for me because it will be my first time to travel on a bus for around 7-8 hours and (to make it even more challenging), on a very tight budget.

I won’t be making my expectations high on this event but I will be writing a review on this once I am back home.

More details on the three-day event can be found in their Facebook page.

Disclaimer: MCE Poster is from their Facebook page.

The Lily Cat is your source for the latest updates and reviews on Yuri, GL, anime, manga, cosplay, and more.