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Lezhin What?

Lezhin Comics is a premiere webcomics service providing readers a wide array of series to read– from Boy’s Love, Girl’s Love, Mature, and more. Since last year, I was so glued to their GL webcomics, that I almost shifted my fandom devotion to these particular series.

After reading a couple of series found in their website, I was so intrigued and began to loyally follow their releases not only in English but also their Korean titles. The reason why I do the latter is because eventually, these series will be given official English translations later on.

Of course, not everything you get is for free. For you to enjoy and be updated with the latest series of Lezhin, you need to purchase Lezhin Coins which can be bought using real cash. If you’re on a tight budget, Lezhin Comics usually holds coin sales that would really give you good deals on coin purchase.

The Glory of Lezhin GL

I would admit this that Lezhin Comics has provided some very good GL webcomics that it’s entirely impossible for you to be left behind. Although I follow almost all of the English and Korean releases, I will be listing down my top 5 Lezhin Comics GL series worth spending your coins on. I am going to make this spoiler-free so that I wouldn’t ruin the fun. 😉

5. The Love Doctor by Chamsae and Bansook

The Love Doctor centers on Jung Erae, an ordinary girl who has problems in dealing with men or even dealing with relationships as a whole. She seeks help to a “Love Doctor” named Cha Yoon. As days go by, Erae slowly realizes that she is starting to develop feelings for her.

The Lily Cat says: I followed Love Doctor because of how nice the art is and Erae is cute. The story gets pretty good but tends to slow down its pace midway. Regardless, it’s still one good read if you are looking for a GL series that is not really much about drama most of the time.

4. What Does The Fox Say by Team Gaji

What Does The Fox Say is a story of the intense love triangle of Sung Sumin, Ju Sungji, and Baek Seju. Sung Sumin is a Team Leader of Hello Studio, a company run by Baek Seju, her ex-girlfriend. Everything seemed to turn around for Sumin when the new recruit Ju Sungji came into the picture.

The Lily Cat says: Oh wow, how I start this? I cannot hide that this is my first webcomic I’ve read in Lezhin and pretty much the longest running GL series in the site. It has a huge international fanbase (which I can fully attest to this) and has published two volumes of their webcomic so far.

3. Pulse by Ratana Satis

The story of Pulse is centered on a surgeon named Mel who only sees sex as pleasure and love as a game. Everything seemed to have changed when she met a girl named Lynn who is fighting for her own life.

The Lily Cat says: When Pulse was released in Lezhin, I loved this more than WDTFS. The latter at that time wasn’t really going anywhere (not to mention so much sex), this webcomic will really take you away and the character development was just spot on. I have read Ratana’s works before and I know that this is definitely a series that is worth a read.

2. Moonlight Garden by Kang Unnie and MissPM

Moonlight Garden is set in a world where Flower Maidens in Moonlight Garden dominate and known to give sexual pleasures to those who desire them. In this series, a maiden named Dohwa is not yet “fully bloomed”. She crosses paths with Lady Hyewon, after she was found out stealing potions in order to get away from her sealed fate.

The Lily Cat says: I first encountered Moonlight Garden in its Korean release. The art and concept of this webcomic series instantly got me to follow it regardless if I don’t understand Korean much. The art has this unique traditional aesthetic which I really love and the characters are quite beautifully drawn and mysterious. I kept following the series and I was so happy that it finally had an official English translation and topped the GL series rankings in the Lezhin website.

Honorable Mentions

Now before I reveal my Number 1 Lezhin GL series, here are some honorable mentions (in no particular order)~

On a Leash by Aji

Serenade by Keum Kyesoo

Vengeance by Aji

Maison de Maid by Monnyang & Tarang

Lily Love by Ratana Satis

and my Top 1 best Lezhin GL Comic Series is….

1. The Third Party by Enjelicious 

The Third Party is a story of two different women with difficult situations. Moon Hae Jin is a Producer-Director of GBS Studios who has done all she can to get on top. While a new girl in the office Gu Jeong Hui also holds a secret that only her can deal with it. When the two girls met, they had not only had to deal with their developing feelings for each other but also their little secrets.

The Lily Cat says: Anybody who has been online friends with me for long know that I’m so hooked and obsessed with this webcomic! The art is nice, the characters are just hard to ignore (well except Sang Hun pfft), and it would just leave you at the end of your seats. You maybe killed by the numerous cliffhangers of every chapter, but you will definitely wait again for next Monday to see what’s going to happen next. PD Moon is bae, fam.

What’s also nice about it is that this webcomic is made by a Filipino and it was the first winner of Lezhin’s 1st US Comic Contest. 20/10 will highly recommend this.

So these are my Top 5. Have a similar list or you want to share your fave Lezhin yuri as well? Leave it in the comments. With a lot of these series coming along, I’m pretty sure I will still hooked into the Lezhin GL webcomics for a very long time!

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By Serena

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  1. Thanks for this list, my GF who is really into BL wanted me to understand her passion and since I don't like male on male aesthetics she encouraged me to get some GL, seeing whats edited in my country I began with Citrus, which is really nice but not mindblowing.
    So I'm browsing the interweebs trying to find some good GL recommendations and ended up here.
    So far I've read Pulse, Lily Love, Vengeance, WDTFS, and am currently reading Moonlight Garden, what a blast! This is way to good.
    So thank you for this post, and for the rest of your blog actually, I still have to read the rest of those recommendation so I'll stop talking nonsense and do that ASAP.

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