What Does The Fox Say Chapter 63 Review – Now What? What Now? I Don’t Know!

Time for my most favorite part to write about in this simple site of mine. So here’s my What Does The Fox Say Chapter 63 review! Since I am a good person, you’ve been warned: S P O I L E R S!

The chapter begins with Sungji reminiscing her moments with Sumin in the office as she prepares herself for the worse between them. We still see a cowardly Sumin trying to avoid her as much as she can. (Seriously?)
Fast forward, Seju meets her brother in the hospital and finally snapped telling him that she doesn’t need to be caged by her family’s demands because they think it’s for the best. She then left after giving him a piece of her mind that she’s been keeping for quite a while. 
Back in Hello Studio, Sungji wanted to go inside Sumin’s office to “thank her for everything”. Unfortunately (and as expected), the door is locked. She said her thanks at the door for she is aware that Sumin was inside listening. As much as both girls want to talk and sort this out face to face, the fear is just pushing them away. The most notable part in when Sungji asked this question: “Can love exist where you expect nothing in return?”. So deep. 
It’s been an emotional ride for this webtoon lately and I have to be very honest here: I’m starting to get to used to these shifts that Team Gaji is laying on the tables for us. 
While people are getting so triggered on this chapter because they can so relate to the words that Sungji told Sumin in the office scene, I wasn’t really affected by it. Very odd because I had a very hard time making a review on the previous chapters (especially Chapter 62). The question that Sungji asked to Sumin however was quite deep. 
I mentioned in my previous review that Seju deserves to be independent and not be caged by anyone any longer: not Sumin, her family, or just about anybody. Seju slayed this chapter with that angry and fierce look and I’m just so happy that one of the things that I wanted for Seju just happened in this chapter. 
Yes, I’m fully aware of the persistent rumors that Seju’s brother likes her romantically but I decided to brush this possibility off. The story is already too much to catch up and just adding this theory would just make it even confusing. I doubt if that’s true, anyway.
Expectations for Chapter 64

I haven’t done this kind of thing in my previous reviews so here are my possible expectations for Chapter 64:
  • Sumin will chase after Sungji. My God, she has to! As the chapter keeps moving forward, the more I’m losing my patience. Time is running out Sumin! It won’t be long until your beloved blonde might be out of your grasp for good.
  • Sungji meets up with Dawoon. I’ll just end my statement there. I have a lot of scenarios that would possibly happen so to be on the safe side (and not making this review very very long), I will just say that for now. Sungji meets up with Dawoon since they seemed to have agreed of meeting with each other after the previous chapter’s phone conversation. 
Final Say

I have nothing much to say about this chapter. I think this proves that I’m finally immune to the “Team Gaji Emo Effect” now. As always, can’t wait for the next chapter. I need more Dawoon in my life.
Speaking of Dawoon, I will making another separate article about her and why I liked her in WDTFS. Will post it very soon.
I would also like to thank Susan Dinh for discussing this chapter with me. Without her help, this review wouldn’t be this detailed. Thanks Susan!
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