Hello this is Serena. Hope you had a good holiday.

As 2018 is nearing to a close, I was bombarded with a reminder from my host that this blog is set to expire soon. It was stupid of me to forgot about this and it have come to a realization that I don’t have any extra funds to pay for my blog’s hosting. 

I thought I am confident enough to fund it but as time went on, I had more projects on my end which required me to spend on them. I know I have been very irregular with this blog. Active for the whole month then go inactive after then active again. However, I love sharing yuri news and reviews to you guys so I will continue to do this while I’m still capable to do so. 

I am reaching out to this post again for your little support for the site by buying me a cup of coffee. Your help will definitely go a long way and I will continue to do my thing for the love of yuri and otaku culture as a whole.

For supporters, please email me (reitsukikage (at) gmail (dot) com) so I can say my thanks (and maybe I can help you in return). 🙂

Thank you and hope you have a Happy Holidays! 

By Serena