Just wanted to just share it out here for those who are still curious about the 2019 Filipino lesbian thriller film Adan. My long review about this film can be found here (spoiler heavy)

Well, the months-long repetitions of asking for “links” for this film is finally over as the Philippine TV and Movie streaming platform iFlix has made Adan available for streaming and free (no registration needed). You can watch the movie on desktop or through their official app on Android and App Store. Using the app will also give you the option to download and watch movies and shows on the go.  Adan was added to the website’s movie library on March 27.

Watch Adan 2019 movie here.  

Viva Films, Aliud Entertainment, and ImaginePerSecond’s lesbian drama thriller movie Adan premiered nationwide on November 20, 2019. It stars Cindy Miranda as Marian and Rhen Escano as Ellen. Other Filipino stars like Epy Quizon, Bembol Roco, and Maui Taylor also made appearances in the film.

The film had mixed reviews both positive and negative from critics and moviegoers. Rappler made a review last year about the film. To quote one part:

Adan is erotica that caters to men. It can never aspire to be anything more dignified than that. In fact, everything about it exposes its primal urges. Its very title alludes to the biblical creation story that has a man fall from grace because of the supposed proclivity of women to be tempted. The film has men dying because of women. The women it portrays are also suffering because of their being enraptured by fellow women.

It has been months already since I was traumatized by watching this film so I yeah, I hope at least some of you guys would enjoy this.

By Serena