image from @_saburouta (Twitter)

We have not one, but two great news on Citrus this week.

On a recent tweet posted by Saburouta on Wednesday, it was announced that the anime adaptation of Citrus will rebroadcast in Japan starting on July 4 at TOKYO MX (Japan). The second news is that first volume of Citrus+ will be released in Japan on November 18.

It has been 6 years since the series made its debut and has now grown to be one of the most popular and mostly-read yuri manga series.

The announcement of Citrus+ was revealed in the release of the 41st chapter of Citrus in last year’s Comic Yuri Hime issue. The spin-off’s first chapter was released last Winter 2018.

Citrus was first published in Comic Yuri Hime on November 2012. An anime adaptation of the manga was aired in Japan last January 2018 and ran for a total of 12 episodes.

Source: Saburouta (Twitter)


By Serena