A trailer video was uploaded on Monday for the upcoming 24th episode of Darunni’s GL webcomic series She’s A Keeper. The new episode will be released on Wednesday, April 10. The trailer was created and uploaded by Zoey Medic.

She’s A Keeper is a melodrama, romance, action, and girl’s love story that was originally released on LINE Webtoon until the author announced that the series can be read through the WebComics app (can be downloaded on Google Play and the App Store)

About She’s A Keeper

The rate of kidnapping in Phili has been going crazy. Clara del Samson happens to be a daughter of a multi-millionaire businessman. Meanwhile, the Keeper Corp is best known for their“Keepers” who are experts at protecting elites; one of them is Keeper Elle- who was hired to protect Clara.

Source: Darunni (author)

By Serena

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  1. And i’m the one who did the Scenario of this episode :3, can’t wait you guys to see it

    1. The trailer is awesome and congrats! Yes, I will also be adding this to the info. 🙂

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