Happy 2019!

As of writing this post, it has been two years since the release of the most popular and mostly discussed chapter of What Does The Fox Say, Chapter 69. If you’re a regular of this blog, then you have probably noticed that most of my updates are related to this popular webtoon. I can’t deny that the series is quiet interesting so I decided to follow it (almost religiously) until the end.  In case you are out of the loop, the story is now back and published in a new webtoon platform. I’m very pleased with this news to be honest.

I was one of the many people who were disappointed when the series was halted in Lezhin Comics last year and this was together with the wave of the webtoon platform’s issues with their writers and artists. People have been asking me endlessly (since December) about the updates related to this but due to some reasons, I decided not to even write about the platform anymore. 

The reason: There is nothing else to go back to. I am only down to less that 200 coins as of writing this so I doubt if I will be ever be refilling them anytime soon. I’m only following three GL series there unlike before when there was such an abundance.

I cannot erase the feeling of irony that WDTFS was one of the series that put the webtoon platform website on the map. It won best GL series of 2016 too. Fast forward to the present, you can’t even find the webtoon series in the list anymore (however the previous chapters that you’ve bought is still found in your My Library in your Lezhin account.)

Anyways, enough of the webtoon platform and let’s talk about other things. The webtoon series is back and that’s a good sign. There’s still some GL series to look forward to every week now. Speaking of that, I’m finding great delight in following two GL series titled She’s A Keeper by Darunni and Mage & Demon Queen by COLOR-LES. They are not only have awesome stories, but these are Filipino GL artists. I suggest you give their works a read. I highly recommend both!


As I look back at 2018, it was really a see-saw for the yuri genre (but in the end, it was mostly good). We had a couple of yuri manga that got anime adaptations: Citrus, Netsuzou TRap, Kase-san, and Bloom Into You. We lost Ssamba, creator of Fluttering Feelings. A number GL webtoon series and manga ended, some of them were on hiatus or ended abruptly. A yuri event happened in Japan. Our local yuri community had a booth in one’s of the country’s popular anime and cosplay conventions. This is just a few of the many.  The main highlight of my last quarter of 2018 was when I got back into reading yuri manga again because of Bloom Into You.

Hopefully if the time permits, I would like 2019 for the The Lily Cat to be dedicated to not just news related to yuri and otaku culture, but also reviews. I am now catching up on my backlogs while some I have to reread  for possible reviews in the future. I’m positive that 2019 will be another yuri-ful year for all of us. I get to learn more from the industry and learn you guys, the readers. Thank you so much for being part of my 2018 and hope that my 2019, and yours, will be as awesome.


By Serena