Some yuri fans express their love for a particular series through different mediums like fan fiction and fan art. Citrus has been taking various media platforms by storm and it’s to no surprise that people draw a lot of our favorite characters from the series.

One of these awesome artists go under the Twitter username handle glidesloe and their Citrus fan arts are just so good! With the upcoming Citrus chapter releasing this week, I think it’s timely that we have to feature this artist. So without further ado, check out some of their works below:

Mei is bae <3 

Our Meimei thinking of her Yuzuchii ;w;

The scene in Citrus that we want to see! 

The scene Citrus fans are longing to happen

This is just gorgeous! 

Saying good night to the person you love <3 

Mei please XD 


I just love how the soft colors and the details go together.

Saburouta please make this happen!

When bae looks at you >w<


A side-view Mei for you Mei-loving heart :3

And this 

This is my favorite. There are no words, just cute yuri love from Mei and Yuzu! This is actually a gif and you can see it full here.

Fans loved the fanarts so much that they wanted more– like a Mei and Yuzu doujin. In a tweet reply, the artist said, “I basically don’t have plans on releasing one since I don’t have any experience making doujins and the skill to draw manga. But if there would be a demand for something like a sketch collection book, then I’d like to consider about it.”

Looking forward for more of glidesloe’s art the soonest! Just check out their Twitter for more Yuzu and Mei art!

Translation credits: Jyu East

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By Serena