The official promotional video for the anime adaptation of Citrus was released on September 1 and people had a lot to say about it. Here is The Lily Cat’s viewpoint about this upcoming anime adaptation as well as its current hype.

What We Know So Far

Based on the info that was released in the anime’s official website, Citrus will start airing on January 2018. Takeo Takahashi will be directing the anime along with Naoko Hayashi for the series composition and Izuro Ijuuin as the Chief Animation Director and Character Design. Infinite is the anime’s studio production.

Both Saburouta’s Citrus and Kodama Naoko’s Netsuzou Trap yuri manga were give the anime adaptation treatment. Although the latter’s anime adaptation was aired ahead of the former, it was only given a duration of 15 minutes per episode.

The Hype

For a yuri fan, just who wouldn’t be excited about this? When the confirmation of a Citrus anime adaptation was announced last November, everyone went wild. Finally– after years of anticipation, one of the most popular yuri manga series in Japan is now given the anime treatment. It’s about time too! 
It has really been a while since we had good yuri anime. Although there are some releases in the past years that contain yuri subtexts and undertones, these weren’t enough to satisfy a yuri fan’s cravings. 
Not to bash or anything, it is pretty obvious that the Yaoi fandom had too much hype especially last year. For example, they had Yuri!!! on Ice and in the webcomic category, Koogi’s Killing Stalking dominated the charts of Lezhin Comics taking over the overall top-ranker which is the GL series What Does The Fox Say. The Yaoi and BL genre have enough media to feast themselves into but the counterpart genre is still hoping to be in level with that. 
2017 has been a good year for the Yuri genre so far: Kase-san anime adaptation, Netsuzou Trap anime adaptation, new GL webcomics out on Lezhin, and more. This is definitely our year and I think the hype would probably be extended until next year. We can only hope.
The Lack of “Saburouta’s Touch”

I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one noticing this that the PV seemed to have lacked “Saburouta’s Touch”. I don’t seem to feel the essence of Saburouta’s art in this animation. 
In the staff production notes released, Saburouta was only credited for the original work (which is the manga) and no indication yet if the mangaka will be helping out on the anime adaptation. There is that little bit of disappointment that the animation lacked that. Well, this is only just minor for me. 
Pretty much this is mostly what people commented too upon the release the PV. However, it is too early to say that the anime might not be what we’re really fully expecting. We will only find out once the first episode will officially be aired.
A Full Episode or Not?

As mentioned above, Netsuzou Trap was only given a duration of 15 minutes per episode and not a full half-hour. Usually when an anime production is only limited to this length, it’s mostly due to budget. It’s too early to say if Citrus will follow the same fate as NTR. It is after all possible that one full chapter of the manga can cover one full half-hour episode (and possibly can extend to two).  
Still Something To Look Forward To

Regardless of the minor things that did not meet expectations of fans, it still feels great to know that Citrus has already been noticed and now having its own anime adaptation. 
There is still some yuri manga that deserves to have the anime treatment but I’m just happy enough that we have another yuri anime show to look forward to in 2018. I consider this like an early birthday, Christmas, and New Year gift. I’m keeping my expectations low but man… I’m keeping the hype flag high starting now!
I’m interested to know about your thoughts about the anime adaptation. You can leave a comment below!

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By Serena