Lezhin Comics is now one of the most popular premium webcomic service and the site for popular GL and Yuri series like Pulse, What Does The Fox Say, The Love Doctor, and so on.

As I made my regular browsing in the Korean site, a few clicks lead me to what appears to be a sale for some of the comics that they have available. Lo and behold, I found out the Korean version of the website has Japanese manga available digitally (but dialogues are in Korean text). Quite convenient especially for Korean readers.

The first Japanese manga that caught my eye was Saburouta’s ongoing Yuri series Citrus. So far the recent chapter posted is almost close to the current chapter that is released in Japan. Aside from Citrus, you can also read the yuri manga Aoi Hana.  Please note that these are only available in the Korean Lezhin Comics website and each episode/chapter can be purchased via Lezhin Coins. 
Though some of these Yuri manga are now available in printed/physical format, it’s still nice to know that these sites are now offering stuff like this for those who prefer to read them digitally. 🙂
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By Serena