Touken Ranbu Game Update- Low-Level Sword Training Campaign

The developers of the popular DMM browser game Touken Ranbu have officially announced that a new event is going to happen very soon.

In order for saniwas to prepare for the upcoming event, a temporary training campaign is launched in over for your low-level toudans to grind all the way to level 40. This is also the perfect opportunity to level up your low-level Tantous and Wakizashis (which in my personal theory might be the needed sword requirements) in time for the upcoming event.

This campaign will be active from December 15, 2015 until Christmas Day. So be sure to use this time to fast level your swords.

For the guidance of players, if you click on the white banner in the “sortie” page at top of the map selections, it will lead you to the campaign event maps. The first map is only limited to level 1-30 toudans. Any toudan with a level of 31 or more, the whole team will not receive any experience after completing a node.  Same goes to the second map with a level 40 limit.

Good luck to all of us Saniwas and for the next event!

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