Fans of Revue Starlight get hyped as the popular smartphone game of the franchise Revue Starlight Re LIVE is confirmed to be released in English, Korean, and Traditional Chinese. Finally, players will no longer rely on using a VPN to play the game!

The announcement of the official English release and the start of Pre-registration has been confirmed in the game’s official English site. The English release of the game will be available for both Google Play and Apple Store on April 22. Release for the European region is slated on April 30.

All players might be given all the 9 Seisho stage girls. This will be based on the number of pre-registrations.

About Revue Starlight

Revue Starlight or Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight is a new media project and franchise produced by Nelke Planning and Bushiroad (BanG Dream!, Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, Weiss Schwarz, Cardfight!! Vanguard, etc.) in 2017. The anime series is primarily notable for its theater and musical themes. It aired for a total of 12 episodes from July and September 2018. A spin-off anime titled Shōjo Konto All-Starlight was also announced on March 31.

Source:  Revue Starlight Re LIVE EN

By Serena