[Site Update] The Lily Cat – Bringing You More!

2020 hasn’t been a good start for the world. However, I am happy enough to give you some little updates for this small site if ever you are a regular or someone new who just dropped by.

Since 2016, The Lily Cat has been my personal site to share news, reviews, and features to you. As days go by and more stuff that has been happening in both community and fandoms, it has reached the point that it has become a bit overwhelming and I just don’t know which ones should I write. A majority of my write-ups since the site’s first year are still in drafts and I am not even sure when I’ll be able to finish those.

When I was in Cebu, I had a roundtable discussion with some people and it went into something like “what is the main focus on my content?” I then told the person like The Lily Cat is a yuri blog. However, I was in Cebu to cover a cosplay event and it had absolutely nothing to do about Yuri in general. So I had those thoughts of slowly transferring some of my non-yuri content and other fandoms to another page.

After going through some things with my hosting provider, I am happy to share that I already have a subdomain for The Lily Cat’s “other content”. I cannot share much yet but look forward to it. I’m still ironing up some stuff before I can officially launch it.

However, if you are curious about what’s going to happen or be one of the first people to know about this project, you may consider supporting me through Ko-Fi or Patreon. Rest assured that any tier or donation would give you early access to what I’m working on behind the scenes (+ WIP features!). As always, the site will remain free to access for everyone.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you, dear readers, for dropping by. I’m happy enough to share that I have gotten my life back little by little so expect a couple of contents here (and in the new project) very single week. In case you’re not aware, my Podcast episodes are now up on Spotify (I stopped uploading on YouTube due to copyright concerns).

The Lily Cat is back, my fam! Better than ever!

The Lily Cat Podcast Episode 6 – The Rainbow Randomness Nostalgia Train

In this 6th episode podcast, I talk about the events that I will be going and covering and spazz on the yuri media that I reread and watched on almost one month of silence.

If you love this episode, you may consider supporting me through my ko-fi page.  You can check the previous episodes here.

The Lily Cat Podcast Episode 5 – Why You Hate What I Love?

In this (late Easter) episode podcast of The Lily Cat, I talk about some recent reoccurring experience I had in the local conventions and how I deal with it. This was recorded last month and those who were in my Discord server was able to get early access to the episode.

Disclaimer: This podcast is not meant to bash the opposite genre. I respect it the same way I respect its fans. 

If you love this episode, you may consider supporting me through my ko-fi page.  You can check the previous episodes here.