Remembering Ssamba and the Impact of ‘Fluttering Feelings’

February 20, 2018 was probably one of the saddest days for the Yuri community as a great artist passed away leaving us two beautiful characters but with an ending still remained uncertain until this very day.

It was really hard to believe that when Comico officially confirmed the passing of the Korean webtoon artist Ssamba due to cancer, everyone was in shock and it was a fact that people couldn’t swallow. Even I couldn’t believe it. A lot of my friends contacted me about it. I remember sobbing in a local pizza place after finding out about the news. It was really heartbreaking. She was gone too soon.

Fluttering Feelings is a webtoon with a very simple story. It tells the tale of two ordinary girls finding out their fluttering and lingering feelings for each other as days go by. Now with such a very simple plot, why is this GL webtoon so memorable?

For me, the webtoon had a very simple message to those who are reading it: Love will always find a way no matter what.

No matter how different you are, no matter what circumstances you’re going through, if you give your all, love will always finds its way.

The webtoon was ongoing during the hype of other GL series that were showing so much skin. Fluttering Feelings stood out from all of that due to how innocent and pure the story is. The characters are also very memorable. With the creator now passed, we will never know what the true ending of the series would’ve been. To be honest, the time when Ssamba was sick, the ending of the series didn’t matter anymore. I was only wishing for her to recover. But now she is no longer suffering and I guess that’s what matters now.

Thank you so much, Ssamba. A year has passed but that empty void still lingers sometimes when someone opens about Fluttering Feelings. However, we are very thankful that you have given us Seol-Ah and No-Rae. The story may be unfinished but your series will always be remembered forever. Your series will always (and always be) one of my favorite webtoons.