Yuri/GL Philippines Celebrates 2nd Year Anniversary

Yuri/GL Philippines posted a picture on their official Facebook page on Sunday of an ema which contain a handwritten message that says “For Yuri/GL Philippines. Wishing for continuous success and love for the community.” March 31 marks the community’s 2nd year anniversary. The said picture was also posted on Twitter.

An excerpt of the post says:

We are officially two years old today. How time flies. We met very remarkable people, we learned a lot, and we have seen how this group helped people find friends and widen their connections and interest in this beautiful genre.

In behalf of the Yuri/GL PH team, we want to say Thank You for being part of it for two years strong. We have stuff in store for you guys this year and in the future. Let’s continue to share the greatness of Yuri and Girl’s Love together.

Matsuri, the founder of the Yuri/GL Philippines Facebook group also posted her greetings to the community on the same day. An excerpt of here message says:

2 years ago, it was just a wishful thought of mine.
But now, seeing how the group expands and has an ability to create events for the members is making me happy. I never thought that there are lots of Yuri fans out there, in this country rather, and I’m glad to know that lots of people appreciates the art and the beauty of ‘Girl’s Love’.

As of this time, the group has not released any announcements of their next gigs but stated to follow their official Facebook Page and Twitter for announcements. The group recently attended ELBIKON 2019 which was held in the University of the Philippines Los Baños last February.

Two years strong, Yuri/GL PH continues to be the most active yuri and girl’s love community in the Philippines and they are hoping to partner with various groups and institutions to organize more events (and hopefully a convention dedicated to Yuri and Girl’s Love) in the future.

About Yuri/GL Philippines

Established in 2017, Yuri/GL Philippines aims to unite yuri and girl’s love fans all over the country (primarily through their Facebook group) and also to promote related works by Filipino artists and writers. The organization is currently administered by 6 women (with a recent addition of moderators and creatives team).

Express the Yuri Love with Yuri/GL Philippines at Cosplay Mania 2018!

Long time no post! With good reason.

I just got back from almost a week long travel and I will share that adventure I had in another blog post soon.

For now, I would like to share my excitement that I will be at Cosplay Mania this year together with Yuri/GL Philippines. Yes, this is the first time ever that a yuri-centered group will be having its own booth in a popular convention. So if ever you’ll be dropping at the con (which will be on September 29 to 30 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, Philippines) then be sure to find us at L-17 in the lifestyle sections (EX HALL).

Booth at Cosplay Mania

Map guide to our booth in Cosplay Mania

Our last big gig for the year would be our exhibitor’s booth at Cosplay Mania (which will be a couple of days from now). We have some artists and sellers on board like Pun-taas (selling Pun-themed yuri shirts), Ayagracechan (the creator of one of the group’s mascots Yurisa), Noies (creator of one of the group’s mascots Glen), Bebarts, Gantala Press (an indie women literature publication group) and LitYuriture (yuri manga seller). We will be having various yuri and girl’s love merch available (with some possible freebies). 😉

About Yuri/GL Philippines

For the regular visitors of the site, you have probably noticed that I’ve been sharing often about Yuri/GL Philippines. It is one of the most active Yuri and Girl’s Love community in the Philippines. Yuri fans from all over the country can interact and discuss yuri through the org’s official Facebook group or through their organized events. So far, they had one meet-and-greet event last November 2017, a 1st year anniversary event in March this year. This year, they took a step forward and hold their very first exhibitor’s booth in one of the country’s most popular and highly anticipated anime and cosplay event, Cosplay Mania.

With these events on their records, it’s obvious that the group’s purpose is nothing else but to spread the goodness of the yuri fandom and I think that’s what matters.

As one of its administrators (we are 6 so far with mods and a couple of people helping the core team), it feels great to know that the community here is growing. We noticed that yuri groups and communities tend to crumble at times because of conflicts and different opinions. Although we are fully aware of this (and completely inevitable), we make sure that the fully stick to the rules being implemented and reminding them to follow them as much as possible. On our case, we keep everything professional and transparent.

A Place to Call Home

Yuri/GL Philippines is the only yuri group where I can say it is one of the places to call home. I have met so many great people here and it motivates me to keep loving and doing what I do. It was in this group that made me continue blogging about the fandom, its community, and doing other things like podcasts, reviews, and so on. I would have been nothing if it weren’t for this group. It somehow made a great impact on me as a fan and I would like to keep that going and spread that hype to others.

Join Our Community

Every Filipino yuri fan is welcome in Yuri/GL PH. You may join the conversations through our official Facebook group and like our Facebook page for updates and news.


See you all at Cosplay Mania!



The Lily Cat Podcast Episode 2 – Citrus and Community Stuff

The long overdue Episode 2 podcast! XD

In this episode, I talked about the last chapter of Citrus and mention some community-related announcements.

If you love the first two episode podcast, you may consider supporting this show by buying me a cup of coffee.

I will do my best to make this as regular as possible. Hope you enjoy this one. 🙂

Yuri/GL Philippines will be at Cosplay Mania 2018!

Aside from revealing the full colored versions of their mascots, Philippine-based Yuri and GL community Yuri/GL Philippines announced on their official page on Thursday that they will be one of the exhibitors in this year’s Cosplay Mania, an anime and cosplay convention to be held at the SMX Convention Center in Manila on September 29 and 30.

The group will be selling various merchandise along with some members of its community. They are also hoping that the booth will serve as a small meeting place for yuri fans to connect and meet new friends.

Previously, the group organized a small meet and greet in the said convention along with two meet-up events in Maginhawa, Quezon City last November and March (1st Year Anniversary)

About Yuri/GL Philippines

Established in 2017, Yuri/GL Philippines aims to unite yuri and girl’s love fans all over the country (primarily through their Facebook group) and also to promote related works by Filipino artists and writers. The organization is currently administered by 6 women (with a recent addition of moderators and creatives team).

About Cosplay Mania

Cosplay Mania is an anime and cosplay convention produced and organized by Cosplay.ph. This 2018 will be their 10th year in organizing one of the biggest and highly-anticipated otaku convention in the Philippines. It will be held at the SMX Convention Center on September 29 and 30.

The Unforgettable Cute Pair of Mari and Akko from ‘Girl Friends’

This feature is made possible by: Yuri/GL Philippines
To officially kick-off The Lily Cat Pride Month Special, I will be featuring this cute pair in which is still on top of my favorite yuri manga pairings, it’s none than Mari and Akko from Milk Morinaga’s yuri manga masterpiece, Girl Friends.
The Manga that Opened the Fandom Floodgates

I started reading the Girl Friends manga when I was in first or second year of college. This was that particular period of my life when I got back to be hyped in yuri and splurged into different sources to read them. Aside from reading various fanfiction under this genre, it was in Girl Friends where I learned to get sources on where to read and buy manga and get the most updated info as possible.
It’s funny that as I’m writing this now, I remember my first yuri blog (which is now defunct). Imagine this: that particular blog was mostly dedicated to the updates of Girl Friends. Twitter wasn’t really a thing yet so I rely on various yuri sites, forums, and even image boards to get info about it.
About The Manga

Girl Friends is a popular yuri manga series by Milk Morinaga (morimilmil in Twitter. She also has an Instagram account too). The story is quite simple: it’s first centered on an ordinary nerdy girl named Mari Kumakura which is sort of aloof and doesn’t really talk much with her classmates. Then enter the talkative and fashionable Akko Oohashi in the picture. The two became very close. Mari, who never really cared about fashion or dress up became so interested in it. As her friendship grew with Akko, she then realizes that she developing feelings which more than just friendship.
The Fluff, The Story, and Development

What I really like about this manga is the slowly-but-surely pacing which comes out beautifully in the end. The situations that both Mari and Akko face are something that you can relate to. Of course you can never stop a person developing a deep connection to someone who is very important to her and giving her a better outlook in life.
I was one of those people who squealed in the couple of chapters where Mari was slowly growing feelings for Akko and Akko thought it was all nothing but girly friendship fun. During the chapters where it was centered on Akko, this is where I felt that the story slowed down a bit. It took Akko a loooong time to finally get to her emotions that she loves Mari and did all the efforts to confess and date her best friend. But all-in-all the story ended on a good note with the second to the last chapter and the final chapter as my favorite parts of the manga.
The Yuri Magic of Milk Morinaga

Hands down– Milk Morinaga is my favorite yuri manga artist because it was in her works like Girl Friends, Kisses, Sighs, and Cherry Blossom Pink, and so on that taught me that fluff and innocent yuri romance will always get you in the feels every time.
Mari and Akko are just two of the popular yuri characters that I think a lot of yuri fans can relate to. As you flip through the pages, you can feel to how real the emotions are by how much detail the artist put on every page.
Since then, I look forward to any of her projects. Hopefully (I can dream), I will be able to meet her and give my thanks for her works made me such a devoted fan to the genre until this day.
An Unforgettable Yuri Pair

Lately, yuri series are more about sex, taking off their clothes, and have obvious plots which end up having the two characters to get it on in bed. For Mari and Akko, it’s just totally different. You can feel how pure and innocent these girls are for each other and that every time I have the chance to read the manga again, the feels always get me every freaking time.
If you haven’t read Girl Friends yet, I highly suggest that you get yourself a copy. Believe me, these two are just completely cute together and it would surely tug your hearts for more fluffy yuri love.
What do you guys think of Girl Friends? Leave it in the comments~!

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‘The Third Party’ Ends, Hits Number 1 on Lezhin Comics GL Rankings!

Enjelicious’ GL webtoon series The Third Party ended last April 9 with a total of 63 chapters. The artist is the First Place winner of the 1st Lezhin US Comic Contest.

Regardless of its end, it still made it to the number 1 spot in the last week of April’s GL rankings in Lezhin Comics (US). 
During its debut chapters back in 2017, it was at number 1 then remained at the Top 5 for a few consecutive weeks along with the then ongoing webtoon series hits What Does The Fox Say, Pulse, and The Love Doctor
Her new work Age Matters is currently ongoing and can be read for free here
Stay tuned for my full review of TTP (soon!)

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Yuri/GL Philippines Celebrates First Year Anniversary!

Yuri/GL Philippines is now a year old and since then, has been making a name for itself in the local community as the most active yuri and girl’s love community in the country.

As this article was written, its official Facebook group is now at 1,100+ members and its Facebook page now surpassing 600+ likes.

Founded on March 31, 2017, the group’s sole purpose is to unite all Yuri and Girl’s Love fans in the country by organizing meet-ups in comic events and conventions. They have also organized group gatherings last November 2017 and recently on March 25 at Red Monster Cafe in Maginhawa, Quezon City.

The group is also notable for sharing and promoting Yuri/GL works created by Filipino local artists and writers. This year, they have added more plans like a booth in one of the country’s popular Anime and Cosplay Conventions in which merchandise will be sold as well as yuri artists’ works will be featured. Mascots for the group are now also in the works.

Since it was established, more and more yuri fans in the country have stepped up and share their works and love for the genre. Fellow members were also able to meet new friends and widen their connections. Its admin team (composed of 6 women) are hoping to make more activities, events, and partner up with organizations to create more related events in the future. As of now, the group’s biggest dream is to be able to hold its first and own Girl’s Love convention/expo in the country.

All of this was made all for the love of yuri. To the Admin team, members, and future partners, cheers to more awesome years!

For more information about Yuri/GL Philippines or if you wish to partner with us, feel free to contact us via our Facebook page or through our email.

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Philippine Yuri Fans Took ‘Princess Sarah’ to the Next Level by Yuri Memes and Role-Play Accounts

Last 2014, Philippine social media was dominated by not only the savage comedy of Senyora Santibanez, but also from the iconic anime adaptation of Princess Sarah in a form of Filipino memes.

Fast forward to 2018, the “Patatas Fever” has returned but with an additional twist of Yuri– mostly centered on Princess Sarah, Becky, and Lavinia.

The hype began last March 3 when a Facebook user in the Yuri/GL Philippines Facebook group posted a meme. The post was an instant hit that it got more than 90 likes and reactions from the members. As this went on, more and more people began sharing related posts of the 90s anime series. From shipping wars (Sarah x Becky, Sarah x Lavinia, and so on), to even posting RP (roleplay) accounts.

Here are some of these posts!

Sarah and Becky are lit
One of those role-play accounts

Any Sarah x Ermengarde shippers?

It has come to the point that they even let Lottie into this shipping party

Lavinia is Thirsty AF

Sarah is mostly associated with potatoes. For some reason they have made Lavinia associated to kalabasa (squash)

There are no words for this xD

Becky’s thirsty lmao

Becky’s FB

Ship is sailing friends. Poor Ermengarde 🙁

When Becky loves her girl so much

Lavinia’s FB

Miss Minchin and I have the same comment right now.



Ermengarde’s FB

Yes, even Lottie has FB

Best Friend-zoned Ermendgarde :'(

Thirty af Lavinia



These are just some of the many. It’s just amusing how a simple yuri meme post would go a long way.

If you are Filipino who loves yuri, girl’s love, shoujo-ai, femslash, and the related, then join in the conversation in our growing community Yuri/GL Philippines (check also the pinned post and there is a link to the Facebook group.

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Yuri/GL Philippines Community Organizes its First Meet-Up Event!

Although holding a convention centered on Yuri and Girl’s Love is still a plan, the Facebook Group Yuri/GL PH (Yuri/GL Philippines) took a big step and organized the very first meet-up event for Filipino Yuri and GL fans. It happened on Sunday, November 19, 2017 at Red Monster Cafe in Maginhawa, Quezon City, Philippines. 

Organized by the administrators and moderator of Yuri/GL PH, this was long planned with a simple goal of bringing Yuri and Girl’s Love fans together to enjoy a day of laughter, fun activities, and worthwhile fandom discussions. 
Attendees of the event enjoyed great food, great company, and activities like Yuri Trivia and “Guess the Character” which got them to refresh their memory on some notable and recent series.
Due to the huge success of the event, another meet-up is now being planned and hoping that more members can join in and make new friends. Other projects are being planned all for the love of this beautiful genre.
About Yuri/GL PH
Yuri/GL PH Official Logo
Yuri/GL PH (Yuri/GL Philippines) is a Facebook group created on March 31, 2017 for the sole purpose of uniting all Yuri and Girl’s Love fans in the Philippines. Although the recent meet-up held in Red Monster Cafe was their first organized event, the group has already organized meet-ups in comic events and conventions such as Gendare last June and Cosplay Mania last September/October. 
The group is notable for sharing and promoting GL/Yuri works created by Filipino local artists and writers. If you love Yuri, GL, or Shoujo-ai and you would like to join in the Facebook group, you may do so here.*

*- only exclusive to Filipino Yuri/GL fans with membership invites to be evaluated by admins and mods.

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Why The Philippines Should Have A ‘Yuri/Girl’s Love Convention’ Too

In case some are not aware, there is a YURI/GIRL’S LOVE fandom community in this 7,107 islands called the Philippines.

To many of us, fandoms gave us ‘Will to Live’. In the midst of the growing popularity of the Yaoi or Boy’s Love genre here in the Philippines, there is also one particular fandom that has also been (very) solid over the years but not fully recognized due to being overshadowed most of the time by its counterpart.

A ‘Silent’ Fanbase

Before I head on to my reasons why the yuri community deserves to have such a convention or event in the future, here are some of my thoughts about it currently. Based on observation, the Yuri or Girl’s Love fandom here is a ‘silent’ one. While yaoi fans express their love for their handsome boys and spazz together with their fam, a vast majority of yuri fans rather spazz low-key and express their love in the facades of pseudo names, ‘fandom accounts’, writing anonymous fanfiction, lurking in Facebook groups that share manga/manwha, and so on. For the record, it’s not a bad thing. 🙂
Reasons Why There Should Be A Yuri Convention in PH

I have to be honest that I have A LOT of reasons to write down in this single blog post. But due to the lack of time and some people’s short attention span to long wall of text, I decided to plot down the top reasons why the fandom deserve to have a  yuri or GL event/convention in the near future. 😉
1. There Are Yuri/GL Works Made by Filipinos

DRIFT (left) and World Canvas (right)

Believe it not, there are actually Yuri/GL works created by Filipinos and they are officially (and legally) published in print and digital formats. World Canvas, written and illustrated by Godley Malabanan (Kuru) is one popular example (apparently, a lot are still looking for a copy of her work since bookstores seem to not have them anymore). Aside from W.C., Kuru has also illustrated DRIFT, a GL manga written by Nald Tabuzo. She recently released a new book as well first launched during the GENDARE event last June. *

The Third Party is an ongoing GL webcomic series illustrated and written by Enjelicious. This needs to be mentioned because aside from it being a GL and (very) Mature webcomic, it also won in the first ever US Comic Contest organized by the premium webcomic service website, Lezhin Comics. The chapters are updated every Monday and you need to purchase Lezhin coins if you want to read the latest releases. If you’re looking for another work made by her, you can also check out Let’s Study, Shall We? 

Let’s also jump into Philippine Television and Movies. In 2015, The Rich Man’s Daughter was the first Filipino TV drama series which dealt with a lesbian relationship starring Rhian Ramos and Glaiza de Castro. Produced by GMA Network, the show has a loyal fanbase and still being talked about even if the show ended in the same year.

Baka Bukas Movie Poster

There was also an independent Filipino film released in 2016 titled Baka Bukas which is about a lesbian falling in love with her girl bestfriend starring Louise delos Reyes and Jasmine Curtis-Smith. The film was directed by Samantha Lee and first premiered in the Cinama One Originals Film Festival and it was later distributed by Star Cinema, a film and TV production company owned by The ABS-CBN Network in 2017.

2. Yuri Merchandise Everywhere

Physical Volumes of Citrus Manga by Saburouta (left) and Girl Friends by Milk Morinaga (right)

From the volumes of Saburouta’s Citrus to Kodama Naoko’s “salty but still good” yuri manga work Netsuzou Trap, the PH bookstore shelves have a couple of yuri titles available. You just need to know where to look or you can even request for some titles to be placed in their next stocks. Fully Booked and Booksale are your friends.

SQ Begin with Your Name by Tan Jiu

If you’re a regular convention goer (Ozine, Cosmania, etc.), you might stumble upon a merchandise booth or an artist booth that sells yuri stuff. If ever you did, it’s very hard to say “No”. You either ask for a possible lower price or go I-don’t-care-anymore-so-Imma-just-buy-this-because-it’s-delicious-yuri-merch. Don’t worry, it’s well spent in the end.
3. ‘WDTFS’ Teams

What Does The Fox Say by Team Gaji

Are you Team Blonde or Team Pink? It’s noticeable that a lot of people in the PH Yuri Community are glued to this popular Korean webcomic series What Does The Fox Say? This series is such a hit  that “teams” are formed depending on which “ship” one supports. If you’re Team Blonde, then you ship Sungji and Sumin, and if you’re Team Pink you ship Sumin and Seju. Some also go for Team Grey which is to support the series’ short-lived friendzoned character, Kim Dawoon
For someone who used to help out in a Facebook group dedicated to this series, I am fully convinced that a lot of PH Yuri fans follow this series with much vigor. Chapter 69 pa lang, shaput na.
4. Yuri Manga, Anime, Cosplay, Video Games, and Media

Kase-san Anime

Yuri media comes in a large volume– almost the same as its fandom counterpart. In fact, anime adaptations of Kase-san and Netsuzou Trap have already been aired. Citrus has also confirmed for an anime adaptation and we are still waiting for the date of its airing. There has also been a rise of yuri visual novels and video games as well. You might have bought some titles in the recent Steam Summer Sale. In relation to games, I’ll leave this here: Bae or Bay?

Chloe and Max from Life is Strange
Some would love to cosplay their favorite character in yuri-themed or yuri-subtext themed but they just don’t know the best event or con to debut it. There are even a lot of yuri doujins available too. These kinds of media mentioned are indications that the fandom is big and in-demand not only just here in the region but also in other countries.

Maria Sama ga Miteru
I’ll also leave this here: Did you know that a popular TV Network in the Philippines has aired Maria Sama Ga Miteru in Tagalog dub? Probably they thought it was just girls praying to the Virgin Mary set in an all-girls school. They were wrong. 😉
5. Great Fam, Awesome Community

Hauls from the GENDARE event

When I arrived in Manila to attend GENDARE last month, I never expected to have so much fun with other yuri-loving peeps. I (along with some of attendees of that event) can attest to this. Although there was only one GL work that was launched, we still gave 200% support because we seriously love our fandom. No one would take that away even if other genres have a couple of titles on their belt. That’s how true and solid af we are– heck it felt like I was attending a family reunion at the same time because the people are just so friendly and upbeat to tag along.

If this happened in a small comicbook launching event, this can also happen in a big event centered for this fandom too.

It’s Going to be Worth It

Creating a convention centered on a particular fandom genre isn’t really a walk in the park. With enough support from the community, partners, exposure, and so on, holding such event for fans is going to be worth it.

I think it’s about time that this particular fandom would have an event of its own. It’s also one avenue to not only unite yuri fans in the country but will also pave way for the yuri media to blossom even more. If ever it will happen the soonest, this will be an event that shouldn’t be missed in your lifetime.

If a flower blooms late, it will be later– and it would be the most beautiful from all the rest. Same goes to yuri– it may not be as popular as its counterpart today, but it will be noticed sooner or later. Baby steps, little grasshopper. We will definitely get there.

* – The following works mentioned in the paragraph are published by Black Ink Comics.

This blog post is dedicated to every Yuri/GL fan here in the Philippines. If you agree to this article, please share this. 

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