Lezhin Entertainment Sends Apologies to its Creators Regarding “Blacklist” and Closure of Web Novel Platform

Webcomic company Lezhin Comics / Lezhin Entertainment recently released an apology to its creators regarding the issues of a so called “blacklist” (where certain series are excluded in the promotions), contract irregularities, and for the uncalled closure of its web novel platform last August 2017.

Changes to be Implemented the Soonest
Some of the creators were emotional after receiving the apology statement from the company’s CEO, Hee Sun Hang.
Lezhin Comics acknowledges the irregularities and will be pushing changes into the creators’ contracts removing everything that is unfair to create an equal system agreeable for both parties. They will also be taking immediate actions in regards to the delays of creators’ payments which is cost around 430 million Korean won. They have also promised a better and fair distribution of promotions of all webtoon series in the website and in other media.
The Cold Protest

Korean webtoon and webnovel authors working for Lezhin organized a protest last January 11 in front of its office building expressing their anger and disappointment towards the company’s unfair payment system wherein 70% of the earnings of each chapter being purchased will be given to their employer leaving only 30% to themselves.

Among those who are affected with Lezhin’s issues are GL artists Team Gaji, creator of What Does The Fox Say and Aji, creator of On A Leash. In their respective Twitter accounts, they have expressed previously that the issues of Lezhin have caused them stress leading them to the decision of discontinuing their works. 
This protest was then followed by a few hearings months later and continuous awareness of the issue through the use of social media. 
Hoping for the Best

This issue in regards to a large company vs. a large group of content creators is a first of its kind in South Korea. After so many months of sacrifices and voicing out the irregularities, it was all worth it.
With everything seem to be going into the right direction now, we can only hope that this will be a start of a new chapter for Lezhin, its readers, and its previous and current creators.

If you want to know more about this issue, Korean webtoon artists and readers shared and retweeted a website containing information and updates on the issues. You can visit the site here (Korean)

Images from Yonhap News, OhmyNews, Huffpost Korea
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Is it the End of Lezhin Comics’ “GL Renaissance”?

The hype was so strong at first but now we are still filled with question marks on top of our heads. The biggest question being asked by many is “What Happened?”

Girl’s Love Revolution

2016 and 2017 were quite some hyped up years for Yuri and GL fans alike as Lezhin Comics opened a door to a variety of GL series. Due to this huge volume of webtoon series, it wasn’t long until the webcomic platform got a lot of attention not only in Korea but also in an international scale. From What Does The Fox Say?, Pulse, The Love Doctor, Maison de Maid and Vengeance, Lezhin was taking the webtoon industry by storm and putting artists and writers on the pedestals of great recognition.
The White Dog in Red Background

To those who are not aware, Lezhin Comics (also known as Lezhin Entertainment) is a premium webtoon service that started in April 2013. It was founded by Hee-sun “Lezhin” Han and Jung-hyuk Kwon, the company’s CEO and CTO respectively. Their website www.lezhin.comis available in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. Although there are free chapters that users can browse in, further ones are required to be purchased via Lezhin coins in which you need to buy them with real money.
Aside from GL, the website is notable for other webtoons under Mature/Adult, Romance, Comedy, BL, and so on. It also served as a webnovel platform until they effectively closed down the service last year.
Lezhin was a powerhouse for webtoons catering not only original creations but also offering Japanese, Chinese, and Korean manga publications to be available for purchase on the site. Two popular examples are Saburouta’s Citrus and Ratana Satis’ Lily Love.
Everyday was Girl’s Love Day

The nice thing about Lezhin’s releases is the feeling that everyday was Girl’s Love day. There was a new chapter of a new series to look forward to. It was n Lezhin’s releases that got me to go home early before 8pm my time so that I can get to read the latest releases at 9pm. For a working person like me, I considered the releases as more of a stress reliever from the tiring day you had.

One of the most memorable days for me during this period was when the time Pulse chapters are released every Friday and then next day you get The Love Doctor chapters. There was never a dull weekend as you wait for these series. What Does The Fox Say’s releases were also highly anticipated as chapters were released every ten days of each month.
Slow Decline

2017 was both good and bad for those who follow the Lezhin GL series because this was also the time when a majority of the series were ending— and sadly, a lot of them are either ended suddenly or ended with a not-so-satisfying-cliffhanging ending. Everyday Lily, My Girlfriend’s Ex-Boyfriend, Maison de Maid, White Angels Have No Wings, The Love Doctor, and Chain of Youth are just some of those examples. It has become a notable pattern that the story gets so good at the beginning, a bit dragging half-way then give us a slap-to-the-face ending chapter that let you stay in your seat thinking, “Wait, wut now?”

BL Series Killing Stalking

When The Platform Plays Safe

I am pretty sure that I’m not the only one who noticed this that it seems that Lezhin is now putting more favor into its BL genre than the others. Seldom do you see coin sales for your favorite GL webtoons now and it has come to the point that it has become overshadowed by its counterpart genre. 
Ironically, it was What Does The Fox Say that got Lezhin into the radar of international yuri fans before it was taken over by popular BL works like Killing Stalking. The platform may have noticed that there are a lot of BL fans and decided to ride this hype rather than taking chances on their other genres. 
Although there are still other series being promoted in their social media pages like their Romance and Mature genres, it has become too rare now to see GL works being promoted. It’s quite sad.

News about Lezhin’s unfair payment policy surfaced in Twitter since last year and it has escalated more when its creators and readers organized protests in front of its corporate office in Seoul. While Lezhin defends itself by giving their readers answers with questionable loopholes, it’s already evident that these constant issues of the company have caused some of the creators to jump ship and leave.
There have been stories that artists and writers dealing with mental health-related problems and so much stress due to the company’s strict polices when it comes to deadline and delays. This has not only affected some of Lezhin’s GL artists, it has also affected other artists from other genres like the creator of the popular webtoon series Reversi.

As much as I want to delve in deeper into Lezhin’s issues and the other GL series, it might be getting a bit too long. So to answer the question “Is it the End of Lezhin Comics’ “GL Renaissance”?”, I would have to say “It’s a yes, for now.”
I am honestly sad that as I’m writing this now, the yuri fandom is no longer feeling the hype of Lezhin GL webcomics everyday due to the lack of new content. Some have already moved on to other webtoon platforms for enjoyment. So far, the only series that is left in this golden GL era is The Third Party by Enjelicious, the first winner of Lezhin US’ Comic Contest.
Although there are new GL series that are stepping up like Blooming Sequence by Leeul, On A Leash by Aji (which is currently on indefinite hiatus)Moonlight Garden by Kang Unnie and Miss PM, and Elixir by Sungwon, I just miss those days that almost every day is something to look forward to. This hype may still take a while to build, what I’m very thankful for is that I was able to support these artists and witnessed this renaissance together with a lot of yuri fans who loved these series the same way as I do.
How about you? What your favorite Lezhin GL webtoon back then? Leave it in the comments! For now, it’s time to have a cup of coffee and just keep going.

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Lezhin Entertainment Faces Controversy Over Unfair Payment System to its Webtoon and Webnovel Creators

It was a very cold January in South Korea. However, the tension is hot between Lezhin Comics/Lezhin Entertainment and its employed authors, writers, and artists.

Korean webtoon and webnovel authors working for Lezhin organized a protest last January 11 in front of its office building expressing their anger and disappointment towards the company’s unfair payment system wherein 70% of the earnings of each chapter being purchased will be given to their employer leaving only 30% to themselves.

Regardless if their works are making rounds internationally or not, everyone was given the same unfair treatment leaving the creators little to no profit for their hard work. There are even some series that have either cancelled or was requested to be ended the soonest due to company requests or slow sales. It was also revealed that the payments from its overseas service is not done properly for many years.

Last October, Lezhin shut down its webnovel service and authors expressed that they were not fully informed of its closure. The company made this decision to shut it down due to the struggle to get profit despite efforts of advertising and promotions. Since then, Lezhin primarily focused on its webtoon service.

There have been previous reports that the company is not only irregularly paying its employees, it’s not properly paying its taxes. An online petition was made requesting an immediate investigation regarding this case.

As these related discussions surfaced on the social networking site Twitter, many have made a decision to boycott the service and not purchase any more coins until these issues have been cleared.

Lezhin Comics is premium Webtoon service that began in April 2013. It is founded by Hee-sung Han (Founder, CEO, a.k.a. Lezhin) and Jung-hyuk Kwon (CTO).

News Source and Images : Huffington Post Korea and Yonhap News

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Lezhin GL Web Novels- A Tribute

This is a GL web novel in Lezhin titled “Suhee”

While a lot of us splurge into the creativity and thrill of GL/Yuri webtoons, manhwa, and webcomics, web novels have also paved way for fans to find a different avenue to enjoy the genre and love it even more.

Sometimes as much as we want to keep such a medium going for the benefit of yuri and GL fans, it all boils down to earnings and profits. Such services or medium require money to keep going. Although there are some people who support these, it is just not enough to give such entity enough to keep it afloat.

This is what is happening to Lezhin Entertainment at the moment. In case you are not aware, they are closing down its web novel service effective October 1st. If you go through the Twitter feeds that discusses about this issue, they have been word spreading that the web novel writers were not fully informed about the closure while some of the followers and fans were left hanging on what is going on and what would be fate of these series in the end.

So before they are officially closing down, let us give a tribute to these Lezhin GL web novels. Each will contain the title, the name of the author, and the name of the artist. Please note that I don’t know Korean and I use a third-party web plugin to translate them so inaccuracies are expected. 

Some of the web novels here no longer have information available in Lezhin’s KR site due to they have “expired”. However, if you know any more information about the GL web novels, never hesitate to leave a comment or contact me through email reitsukikage(at)gmail.com. Since Lezhin KR will be taking down these series, I have already made an effort to preserve them via Wayback Machine.

“My Babe” / “My Bibi”

나의 비비

Author: Banrieul / Artist: Cheumji
“Relationship Between S and S” 

S와 S의 관계

Author: SIRIUS /Artist: Roche
“Move Me”

무브 미(Move Me)

Author: Monggaba / Artist: Ns
“False Witness”


Author: Gonghyoeun / Artist: Jindy
“Solar Eclipse”

솔라 이클립스

Author: SIRIUS / Artist: Osekpungdeng
“Kidnapping Jonjal”

존잘님을 납치했다

Author: Oilssarah / Artist: Yoodok
“Lily in Joseon”

조선에 핀 백합

Author: Spacewhale / Artist: Cheumji
“Devil Get Debt”

악마는 신세를 입는다

Author: Bomssal / Artist: Ggoolgangaji
“Bad Flower”

나쁜 꽃

Author: Nappunsaram / Artist: Jindy
“Sleeping with Muse”
뮤즈와 새장에 잠들다
Author: Leehoran / Artist: Baenin
“Summer Cicada”
여름 매미 우는 소리
Author: Jakeunhyung / Artist: Now
“Salt and Sugar”
소금소금 말랑말랑

Author/Artist: Leehoran
“Access, Handcuffs, Rabbit”

접속, 수갑, 토끼

Author: Jungminsik / Artist: Sobangcha
“Am I Selling My Body”
“Kill First Love”
“Show Window”
“White Spring”
Regardless of Lezhin’s closure of the service, I hope that the authors and artists of these series will find a better platform service or a different media form in order to reach even more yuri fans. Hopefully, they will be able to get translated in English as well. 
Like this tribute? Is there some information that you want? Never hesitate to leave in the comments.

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