New Cardcaptor Sakura Anime to Premiere This January 2018!

Get hyped! The popular magical girl returns in a new anime series!

As a way of celebrating the manga’s 20th anniversary, the all girls manga group CLAMP released a new Cardcaptor Sakura manga this year titled Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Arc. The manga is still ongoing but what’s cool is that an anime adaptation of the manga is slated for a January 2018 release. Still a long wait for fans who have read the manga, watch the 70-episode anime series, and the two films. This announcement was confirmed in the February issue of Nakayoshi magazine (a publication under Kondansha).

The reason why I am so excited for this upcoming anime series is that the former seiyuus will be reprising their roles. Sakura Tange and Junko Iwao will return as Sakura and Tomoyo! I’m currently in a wave of nostalgia now because these two are the reasons why I got into the Yuri genre.

I’m still in the process of getting my hands on the new Cardcaptor Sakura manga (which takes place just after Sakura graduated from elementary). Now because of this announcement, I feel like featuring more stuff related to the series in the coming weeks like a review on the 70-episode anime, their specials, video games, and the two movies. For those who missed the Sakura and Syaoran pairing, I’m pretty sure you’re going to love the current manga series because some previews of the manga chapters reveal of them being together.

2018 might be a long wait but at least there’s something to look forward to for CCS fans!

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Musaigen no Phantom World Episode 1 – Those Racks!

Part of my New Year’s resolutions is to catch up on the latest anime released by season. That way I wouldn’t be left behind and wouldn’t have to worry if someone spoils me an episode or two.

Musaigen no Phantom World episode one was just recently released (part of the Winter 2016 anime line-up) so I never missed a dull moment to watch it. I like it!

Kawakami Mai

This episode had a good start. Great concept, info based on accurate facts, fantasy-meets-reality, supernatural, and minor awkward fanservice. I missed the hype of watching a good anime that is something new to the table. For a person like me who hasn’t watched the latest anime for quite a while, this was worth it.

Though there are some generic points, this seems to be one good show to watch out for every week. I’m hanging on to this and hope this doesn’t slow down. As a person who loves legends and various trivia information, it’s great to know that you get to learn something while you watch it.

I won’t be spoiling a lot for the benefit of people who haven’t watched episode 1.For the record, Mai is on my top fave list of characters for this anime season.

I will be posting a summary (and review) on episode 2 when it comes out. For now, I’m giving this episode an 8 out of 10!

By the way, I titled this review “Those Racks” for a reason! Just watch the first episode.

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