The Lily Cat Editorials is back. Long overdue, actually.

I will call this out now: 2019 is 60% a crappy year for me so far. Although it had some many good ones, a lot was taken away from me. The biggest recent loss I had as of this writing is a close friend who passed away. He was a good person and his courage and things he had done for me over the years have motivated me to write about this.

Life is pretty unexpected. You gain some, you lose some. There’s a constant motion to this and we are have no knowledge on what’s going to happen next. You’ll never know the friend that you once thought would be there for you would actually just backbite you and keep indirectly insulting you online, making you a primary subject of their immature tea fest. You’ll never know that the person that you once gave your trust on would just use you and leave you like dirt later on. You’ll never know that those who promise you this and that ended up as just mere words with the vision never went into surface.

It’s 2019 already. Why do we still have the time to even care of these kind of people in our life? If these people never helped you in your growth, then don’t let them in your life even a single of centimeter. You deserve the better. The best days and hopeful tomorrows.

Let go. Time to move on and forget. We only got one shot of life. Before the unexpected happens, unless we took a lot of our time to celebrate with joy and good memories along with the people that matter. If you lost some people or something recently over some things, don’t worry. You deserve better ones and you’ll eventually find them. Just keep doing the things you love, eat good food (I’m getting a nice meal after this is posted, lol), and just do things that would help you grow as a person.

It’s 2019. Stop Hatin’. You are never too late to pick up the pieces and start over. Stay awesome, friends. We all can get through this.

By Serena