People have been raving (no, abusing) over this Facebook app called Profoundly or It’s been like a few days since this app has been a thing on my timeline and I still don’t even know and understand the bottom line of it.

The reason why I don’t use this is because it’s a gateway to trolls. It makes you vulnerable to whatever insult they’ll ever give you. Yes, you can always ignore it. If you do confront them however giving them straightforward replies, they fan the flames even more. Some may have just received anonymous questions and good messages but let’s keep an open mind here.

This case don’t just happen on just one simple FB app, it can happen on any social media platform. Anonymous or not, people will always find ways to take you down. So if you are very vulnerable or if you’re the type of person that loves to give a damn about what people say about you, then why waste your time getting into this hype in the first place? The excuse of saying that “I’m just here for fun” don’t cut it.

As of writing this article, I have switched to a more personal Facebook account and I can tell you, it’s been great! You are more connected with people that matter more in your life, who celebrate your victories with you, and willing to help you get back up in times when you feel like you can’t do the things that you want to do anymore. In a way, this is somehow relevant to the thing I’ve posted previously but I have officially moved on from that phase.

The main point of this is that you can’t just listen to hurtful stuff that people leave anonymously on some app. You fight back with the best thing you know how: take a deep breath, leave, and ignore.

Also in case of issues and dealing with people who just can’t really stand you when you’re present, stay away from them. Enjoy life and improve at your own pace.

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By Serena