The Lily Cat Editorials – Announcement, Decisions, Life Changes, and Site Updates

Sooo… here’s another TLC – Editorials. Seriously, I don’t know how to start this. So anything goes from here~

I just got back writing again but I had to really slap myself for some reasons: my features for my Love and Pride Special weeks are delayed due to some personal matters (which I’ll discuss below). Regardless, I will continue to do the remaining three weeks. I made a promise to myself and my readers that I will be giving them some yuri features so I will give it all to them this month (hopefully I can get them all uploaded before mid-July). 
Now you may ask… what happened?
My Office Job

Well, for starters I just resigned from my office job. Yes, you’ve read it right. I decided to quit my office job because I wanted more time to do the things that I want to do. Office life has starting to stress me out (hello crab mentality, hello office politics, hello gossiping people) and I thought I would survive it but failed. It then hit me that though I loved what I did there (my office job is quite awesome btw), I just don’t like the feeling of being in an environment that you are no longer comfortable anymore. So like any working person does, I wrote my resignation letter and too my leave. I went into a near emotional breakdown during my exit interview because I spilled all my four years of baggage while being there. 
For the record, I didn’t hate the company I was working for. I just didn’t like the working environment and how everything went as years go by. I learned a lot there and it has helped gained enough experience for the future. Leaving was also the best decision for me because I had to do something with my mental health as well. 
Unemployed But Happy

So to normal people’s (*cough* normie) eyes, I’m unemployed. Though in all honestly, it’s fine. I have more time to do the things I want to do: watch yuri (my backlogs are pouring), read my pending webtoons on my to-read list, and so on. I have been stress-free and that fact alone makes me happy. Now for the office job bit, I think this is all the basic info since I don’t want this post to be very long.
Next is I’m currently in a relationship and I consider my partner as one of my strengths to keep going. We are currently 5 months together as I am writing this post and I look forward to many more months and years. If it weren’t for my partner, I would have been stuck and being so emo of what’s been happening to me lately and in the past couple of months. My travels to Manila seem to have more meaning now. 🙂 
Another thing is that I have been very active in the local Yuri community through Yuri/GL Philippines. I’m so thrilled that a lot of Philippine yuri and girl’s love fans finally found a home to just share and interact. We have also done a lot of things in the past couple of months and last year. Speaking of Yuri/GL PH, a big announcement will be posted here soon. 
Site Upgrades and Support

The old banner

Next is I’m upgrading the site very soon. I’m aiming for a 2019 launch but I want to transfer everything to a new domain by 4th quarter for 2018. Domain and hosting costs are very expensive and I think my freelance and short-term project jobs aren’t enough to keep it afloat. 

As much as I am looking for extra jobs to pay the hosting, I made a decision to open up a Ko-Fi page. I’m considering Patreon but I think it is still too much so I think Ko-Fi is fine. To those who don’t know what Ko-Fi is, it’s like Patreon or Indiegogo but you only donate to the content creator once ($3 USD via PayPal). It is your option if you want to give another one– imagine the platform like a small tip box. 
Just to clear things out, all my futher blog posts are open and free to read to the public. No donation-exclusive stuff whatsoever (I’m too lazy to do these anyway lol).
Why Am I Upgrading the Site?

You may probably ask why am I upgrading The Lily Cat. The answer is simple: I want share more to you guys. 
I want to share more anime and yuri news, reviews, and features without limitations. The site is currently operated under Blogspot and though it’s pretty simple to use, there are a lot of features which I want to put in there but it’s not available in Blogspot. If I have enough funds to pay for the hosting, I will be transferring the whole site to WordPress host. I know this will take time to transfer everything and getting Google-sempai to notice it to be up on the search results but I’m patient enough and I’ll find a way for it.
What to Expect in the Future

Seriously, I have so much stuff to share to you guys (a majority are in my drafts at the moment) and I can’t wait to share it with you. Expect more recent updates on the site (like every week or so) and if you check on my Ko-Fi page, you will see a small Goal portion. For every 20 USD goal I will get, I will be doing a Podcast episode while I will be sharing my opinions on things (mostly fandom stuff). This is a good thing for me since I wanted to practice my speaking skills and my confidence through this platform. 
Expect more Yuri. I aimed this blog to be filled with Yuri-ness and this year, I’m going to make that happen. I love this fandom so much and I’m going to pour all my GL love here in the site. 
A Better Looking Site. If I get enough, expect it to be better, faster, stronger more interactive.
Thank You

Okay this post is getting a bit long. So to end this, I would like to say my deepest thanks for stopping by. Although this is not as popular as the other yuri and otaku blogs out there, I do hope you enjoy the stuff I’m writing and sharing here. I’m open for comments and suggestions through the Facebook page or through Twitter. I’m thinking of opening a Discord server soon but I’ll let you know if there’s going to be.
Always remember: Life is Beautiful. You just need to know where your heart really belongs to.

Cheers everyone! 
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