Just a few days before its 3rd anniversary, yuri fans it’s time to rejoice as Nio Nakatani’s manga series Yagate Kimi ni Naru will be having its own anime adaptation! This was confirmed in the cover of this year’s Dengeki Daioh June issue.

Yesterday, a banner was posted for a while in the magazine’s website which made yuri fans speculate of a possible anime adaptation announcement. The direct link to the banner disappeared around 7:30am GMT+8 on Wednesday.

Yagate Kimi ni Naru or Bloom Into You was first published in April 2015 in Japan and still ongoing. It is now being published in English by Seven Seas Entertainment. The manga was ranked number 3 in a Japanese poll asking which manga series that you want to be animated next. The results were revealed during the AnimeJapan 2018 weekend.

Ah, 2018. May the Yuri and GL surprises continue!

Source: Moetron

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By Serena